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  • 23 September, 2002
Around the World

Themes from faraway Egypt and Africa marked J.J. Valaya’s show celebrating his ten years in the rag trade in the capital last week. And while embroidered birds a la Chinois, Islamic arabesques and paisleys got all the attention on the ramp, the dinner table too had similar themes—Chinese and Lebanese counters and baklava in tiny pouches of thin phyllo pastry.

Priced Tag

Indian art’s finally climbing up there to be with the world biggies. Tyeb Mehta’s painting, Celebration, inspired by the spring festival of the Santhals, will be auctioned at Christie’s in New York on September 19 with the reserve price of Rs 1 crore (estimate: $180,000-$200,000). Move over M.F. Husain, till now the favourite poster boy for contemporary Indian art in the international arena. Husain too will be there, but with a reserve price of, hold your breath, only $60,000-80,000!

Track Diva

Heard it the other day. Guess who’s the ‘star’ attraction in a forthcoming sports seminar organised by the cii. Manpreet Brar, if you please, talking about the ways we could improve the level of sports in India! Didn’t know she’s such an all-rounder.

Flawed Formula

First his films started bombing and then the IT men dropped in at his garrulous seaside bungalow in Chennai. And last week, south star Ajith, despite a slipped disk, volunteered for the Formula Maruti race. It was a disaster here too. He finished 16th out of a field of 21. But he was there at the presentation ceremony—to collect his ‘trophy’ from Sanjay Sharma of JK Tyres.

Terror Tactics

It’s Assam’s version of the kamikaze attacks on the wtc. Sankardev Theatre’s latest production, aptly titled Osama Bin Laden, is proving to be a big hit—a bin Laden spewing his venom from a makeshift 4-feet high stage etc. The message is loud and clear, going by the crowd thronging the venue ever since the play opened in August.


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