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  • 08 July, 2002
Captive Moments

For once home minister L.K. Advani couldn’t hold his tears. It was an emotional Advani at the launch of his book, A Prisoner’s Scrap Book, released by Prime Minister Vajpayee in the capital this week, to mark the 27th anniversary of emergency.

Raining Sizzlers

If you haven’t yet caught a glimpse of the mast girl in her latest sizzler, Agnivarsha, give it a miss at your own peril. Seems like Bollywood can’t wait to see Raveena Tandon set the screens on fire in the film. But the little girl’s big parivar’s shocked at some heavy-duty scenes—with Prabhu Deva—raining on the small screen every day. The lady’s denied anything about it, but the gupshups have only added to the curiosity content of the film. Happy watching.

Economics of Success

From Gudiya to Pizza Hut. Amartya Sen’s daughter Nandana Sen’s now resting her hopes on Malayalam filmmaker Shyamaprasad’s first English movie Bokshu, The Myth. Here’s hoping the film’s mystic-adventure quality, picturised in Hampi and the Himalayas, does the magic for the lady in question.

Classical Rap

After ex-hubby Nitin Bali stretched his vocal chords, ex-Channel V VJ Ruby Bhatia’s reportedly ready with her “hip, hop, Bhangra-style” songs. The lady’s serious about her new “vocation”—taking lessons from Ustad Musthafa Khan. From Bhangra to classical music. Heavens help us from this exotic range.

Star By Default

How the stars changed. Preeya Kalidas should have been the star of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bombay Dreams. Instead, it is the magnetism of Ayesha Dharker that stole the spotlight on stage. The wet sari rendering of Shakalaka Baby was only a part of it. Almost everything Rani-the-spoilt-filmstar does on stage is memorable. Not the sourest of British critics—and there have been some—could fault Ayesha on this one. And of course, the applause has spoken louder than words.


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