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  • Monday
  • 08 April, 2002
Speed Thrills

It’s balle balle time on the Indian rally scene. Former national champion Karandip Singh tied the knot with female ace Navaz Bathena recently, ending two years of courtship, mostly on the road. The lovebirds flew off to Thailand for their honeymoon, but were soon back to where they belonged—to take part in next month’s season opener Coimbatore rally.

Drewing Attention

Seems like this ex-Miss Universe is taking her career in Bollywood a little too seriously. She hasn’t yet debuted in Hindi films as yet, but Lara Dutta is thinking big, and working on it. Our little birdie tells us that she’s hopping between continents—taking acting classes from Drew Barrymore’s mother, Jane. The fans aren’t complaining. Surely we can do with a Drew here, huh?

Kiss, or Make Up

Calcutta’s love-mela last week, to pressurise the city mayor to earmark an exclusive love zone, was a resounding cropper. Only 14 couples turned up, most of them press-ganged from the distant suburbs, but none of them had any clue what they were there for. They waited for Mithun Chakraborty to appear. In the end, to rescue the flopshow, some did prudishly peck each other, enough for artificial photos and bad press the following day.

Thakur Pomp

It had all the ingredients expected of an Amar Singh bash. An alphabet soup of film stars, politicos and corporate honchos turned out to wish his twin daughters, Disha and Drishti, a happy first birthday in the capital. The giant pix of the cutesome twosome dotting the Taj Palace would have put even Amma’s cutouts to shame. Highlight of the evening: Amitabh “uncle” parked at the entrance, greeting guests!


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