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  • Monday
  • 11 February, 2002
Scripting Success

Truth is stronger than fiction, as the Outlook/Picador India non-fiction competition shows. Many of the 700 entries were good enough to be put in a book, as one of the judges, Amit Chaudhuri, suggested. The proud first prize winner, S.A. Srivatsa, turned out to be the pseudonym of Mumbai-based architect Saryu Ahuja. She took time off from the book she is writing with Dom Moraes to write the essay, Star and Stripes, which was adjudged the winner of the £500 prize-winning cheque. The second prize went to Dilip D’Souza, and the third to Anjum Hasan.

Mother of all Avatars

Olivia Hussey as Mother Teresa? Of course, if your make-up man is Hollywood legend Kevin Haney. Hussey spends about five hours in front of the mirror every day before Haney transforms her into the Saint of Gutters for a new epic on the nun—a tight skullcap conceals her hair, her face is covered with latex for wrinkles and a prosthetic nose mounted on her own, among other things.

Carry on Skipper

England captain Nasser Hussain returned to the city of his birth, Chennai, only to be swarmed by a distinguished old ladies’ club—from 78-year-old great aunties Mahjabeen and Apajan to 10-year-old niece Alina and others. Wonder how many of them follow cricket? Guess it didn’t also matter that Nasser last met them only as a six-year-old boy. This one’s for the family album.

Labour of Love

He loves shooting “pretty half-naked” girls. Well, who doesn’t. But adman Sumeet Chopra and his calendar, on which he’s worked for 10 years, is different. And with the Vidisha Pavates and Helen Brodies posing for him, you just cannot help but take him seriously.

Skipping Stars

It is official now. Well, almost. Former Pink Floyd vocalist-bassist Roger Waters, better known for the grandeur of his shows, will not perform in Mumbai this April during his world tour for In The Flesh 2002. If Sony Music officials are to be believed, Waters will give the metropolis a miss in favour of Bangalore. Wonder what’s it about Mumbai that everyone skips it at the last minute. Remember, last year both Deep Purple and Scorpions ditched it in favour of Bangalore. And we thought Mumbai is a happening place!


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