OUTLOOK Monday 25 June, 2001
Hall of Fame

What does Baichung Bhutia have that Sachin Tendulkar doesn’t? Not money, and certainly not half as much fame! But the nimble-footed Sikkimese superstar now has a stadium named after him. The Alleytar stadium in Tinkitam, a village 20 km from Namchi, from where Bhutia hails, was rechristened in his name recently. Here’s hoping this is some solace for our star. After all, his stint with Bury FC isn’t really taking off despite all his skills.

Alpha Adam

Adam Bedi? Who’s he? Silly, Kabir Bedi’s son from his second wife, Susan. Now, here’s a boy to watch out for. With his pop’s deep, clear eyes and aquiline nose, and doting celeb folks always there, Adam’s planning to hit it big in the Indian entertainment industry. He comes home with a one-year course in performing arts from Queen Mary’s college, England. And, before he takes the plunge, he’s also armed himself with other avenues, scuba diving for one. Just so that he doesn’t sink.

Oh Deah!

She was the face behind the Clinic All Clear, Clorets and Ponds ads. She’s an actress, is trained in Bharatanatyam and a semi-professional salsa dancer. She’s now a VJ too. Obviously, she has to be young and a chatterbox. Isn’t that what she’s paid for? Watch out for the vivacious 21-year-old Deah Jagasia, B4U’s hostess for their Just Request Show. No, there’s nothing wrong with the way she spells her name—she’s a great believer in astrology. And now she’s looking Bollywoodwards. Now, that’s astral turf.

Mr Backpacker

Milind Gunaji is on a roll these days. Even as the third edition of his first book, Majhi Mulukgiri, is just out in the market, the actor-columnist is already ready with the second one. Titled Bhatkanti Mee, this one too, like the earlier one, is based on his travels around Maharashtra. So watch out for an overdose of forts, lakes and virgin mountains.

Dodging Starlet

Kate Winslet as Mother Teresa? You must be joking! The Titanic star has at last put to rest all rumours that she’s willing to star in an Indian-produced biopic. Because, for the time being, she’s got her hands full. A project with Geoffrey Rush, of Quills fame, for which both of them received Oscar nominations, is presently taking most of her time. And, certainly, Mother Teresa doesn’t really fit into her scheme of things for the moment.

Love in Shimla

Surprise, surprise! The little birdie’s here once again and this time she’s back with the biggest scoop of them all. Guess who she bumped into the other day. Sunny Deol and Dimple Kapadia, quietly nestled away in Wild Flower Hall, Oberoi’s hill resort at Mashobra, just beyond Shimla. Now, we are not sure what they were doing there, tucked away in the back of the beyond. With no shoot happening anywhere nearby, your guess is as good as ours. While pretty Dimple looked as resplendent and charming as ever, macho-man Sunny had his entire mobile gym specially flown in all the way from Mumbai. Some dedication, we’d say, to musclepower.

  • Italy, all of a sudden, has overtaken Provence, Switzerland and grand European chateaus as the destination for celebrity Indian weddings. Preparations were afoot at the Villa del Balbianello on the impossibly picturesque Lake Como for the nuptials of Deepika and Ranveer, a duo who looks no less handsome than the fancy environs of their grand day on November 14 and 15. We hope Como lives up to their dreams.
  • Shillong-based Big-Ri (left) is a sharp card, a founder of hip-hop group Khasi Bloodz. Meba Ofilia’s style—note the robust armbands—is also steeped in hip-hop and R&B. The music they make together, like the edgily rusty Ambassador they choose as a prop, takes you unawares. The duo won the Best India Act for Done Talking at the 2018 Europe Music Awards, held in Barakaldo, Spain.
  • It’s curious that Sachin should be made ambassador for UNICEF’s ‘hand washing initiative’ and packed off to roofy Bhutan. But, ever the sportsman, he’s taken it in a batsman’s stride. The beneficiary is Bhutan’s national cricket team, and this lanky, teenaged batter.
  • Haute, they have always bel­ie­ved, is a seven-hued thing, and the cause of the LGBTQ has alw­ays been dear to the fashion fraternity. A parliament of forty designers conjured up the ‘Rain­bow’ show to celebrate the rec­ent junking of Article 377. Red mascara and blue-glittered coi­­ffure caught the eye; so did a message of love across a bare back.


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