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  • 04 June, 2001
Watery Nymphets

Make no mistake here. Moon Moon Sen’s daughters, Riya and Raima Sen, are on the prowl—where else can you have those captivating smiles, the stunning beauty and the panache. And if you still have any doubts, do get a copy of the latest Elle where the sisters get down to the bare facts of the magazine’s Swimsuit Special 2001 collection. You couldn’t have asked for more—two sultry beauties flaunting their bikinis of all shapes and prints, from crochet to vinyl to floral prints.

Aesthetic Sense

Daler Mehndi could only cry hoarse about the “rich sufiyana essence” of his latest album Nabi Buba Nabi but Mumbai’s Raza Academy didn’t see anything beyond semi-nude women dancing to words like Nabi (Prophet), Madina and Ali. In the end, Daler decided to “edit” and redub the song, and rechristen the album Lehriya. Wonder what’s with him that lands him in trouble every now and then? Remember the recent controversy of featuring Sikh children with painted moustaches in a previous album. Watch out Daler paaji!

Ramp Wars

Before the show, the air was rife with all kinds of rumours—will it be Pierce Brosnan or Michael Schumacher who’d walk the ramp for the Rohit Bal-Omega show in Paris, will tennis star Anna Kournikova do the concluding round of the extravaganza? The hype was indeed too much to handle. But at the end, Gudda was the winner—ending Ritu Beri’s monopoly on the Parisian ramps.

The K Factor

The very talented daughter of Jeetendra is now training her eyes on Bollywood. Ekta Kapoor is producing a film titled Kyonki Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta with Govinda and Sushmita. Here’s hoping that the ‘K’ word will prove lucky for the big screen too.

Speed Formula

Good news for all you race enthusiasts. After a string of successes on the Formula 3 circuit, Narain Karthikeyan is now all set to graduate to Formula 1 with a test for Ford Jaguar in mid-June at Silverstone. Surely, “the fastest Indian in the world” couldn’t have asked for a better chance to prove his skills to the other speedsters of motorwold.

Top Spin

Seems like our moviemakers have at last woken up to the idea of cashing in on the mass appeal of cricket in this country. Remember what Sunil Shetty said about Ajay Jadeja’s plunge into Bollywood—he called it a marketing ploy! And now the buzz is that Anil Kumble has said yes to a key role in good friend Rajiv Menon’s latest movie on the real-life relationship between the cricketer and a handicapped boy.


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