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  • 21 May, 2001
Discovery of India

Paris-based former Life magazine and National Geographic photographer Harmit Singh’s 30-year odyssey in search of the timeless India has been rather frustrating. “The more I travel, the less I’m inspired,” complains the world-famous photographer who first shot Jaisalmer for the western world. “Everything has become so ugly, the old cities and landscapes are disappearing so fast.” So he is now focusing on a new project: recreating an Indian city in its pristine state.

Strip Act

Manisha Koirala is again in news. Watch out for her strip act in Kamalahaasan’s Abhay. Now, didn’t we hear her saying some time back that she doesn’t believe in stripping unless the role demands it. Wonder how important is the scene in the film.

Mani Matters

Rani Mukherjee has her fundas right, money matters more for her than the director’s reputation. She reportedly walked out of a Mani Ratnam film recently because he refused to pay the amount she was asking. Who cares for the career when money’s flowing.


National squash champion Bhuvaneshwari Kumari is on a new mission these days—she wants to set up a squash academy in Delhi. But there’s a major hitch—convince the babudom that our talent bank is virtually empty. Now, that would surely take some persuasion, it seems.

Queen's B

Surprise, surprise. Amitabh Bachchan may well be the star attraction during the 150-day-long celebrations to mark the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in Britain next year. Already a number of Bollywood stars and starlets have reportedly been contacted for the show in Blackburn, near Manchster. Some desi dreams this, surely.

Cowgirl Blues

Baywatch’s speedo girl has done it again—take off her clothes. But it’s different this time. Moved by the plight of the Indian cows, Pamela Anderson auctioned her sweater recently for one thousand dollars. No, the Playboy cover girl isn’t switching roles. She’s also a vocal animal rights activist. Indian cows are just incidental.


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