January 26, 2020


  • Monday
  • 05 February, 2001
Busy Bee

Ayesha Dharker has her fingers in too many pies, shuttling between sets of Santosh Sivan’s Terrorist, Lucas’ Star Wars and a Merchant Ivory film. She’s playing Sita in a British rendition of Ramayan which has been invited to the National Theatre, London. Now, isn’t that the best thing you’d have asked for. We just hope she doesn’t burn her fingers. No?

Star Power

We’d like to call this the mother of all casting coups. At a time when dotcoms are falling like nine pins, hometrade.com, a financial portal, has roped in our three most highly-paid stars—Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan and Sachin Tendulkar—to be a part of their campaign. The trio will feature separately in the website’s press and TV campaigns. We hear that while Hrithik and Sachin shot for the campaign Down Under, the Khan is expected to spare time for the shoot shortly.

Shifting Roles

First a physician, then a singer, and now a filmstar. Euphoria lead singer Palash Sen is changing profession once again. After successful albums like Dhoom and Phir Dhoom, Polly, as his friends call him, is now foraying into films with Meghna Gulzar’s Philhaal, opposite Sushmita Sen and Tabu. Is Silk Route’s Mohit listening?

Portrait of an Artist

The grand old man of Indian paintings, Prof Bhabesh Sanyal, is having a ball at the millennium triennale at the Lalit Kala Akademi. Breaking away from traditional norms, the organisers have decided to have a special retrospective of the master who’s celebrating his 100th anniversary. An obviously touched Sanyal was happy that “at least the paintings got a good dusting”, but also remembered to point out that none of them had any labels or dates on them!

Of Dream Debuts

It was the Dream Girl’s dream come true. Hema Malini’s daughters, Esha and Aahana, carried their mother’s legacy in classical dance recently in Mumbai when they enthralled a packed auditorium with their Bharatanatyam and Odissi styles. Mother Hema was there to encourage the two teenagers, who are also dreaming of films, as was grandmother Mrs Chakravarthy. Three cheers for the winsome trio.


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