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  • Monday
  • 29 January, 2001

Who says Bollywood is all about copying Hollywood. We too can boast of some firsts. A British theatre group is adapting the 1994 Salman-Madhuri hit Hum Aapke Hain Kaun into a musical titled Fourteen Songs, Two Weddings and a Funeral. Interestingly, Andrew Greenfield, who’s designing the play’s posters, has never seen a Hindi film in his life. Guess that’s why his poster is full of characters resembling gods and goddesses, surrounded with sparklers. Some imagination this!

Fact Weds Fiction

Eventually, Pulitzer winner Jhumpa Lahiri’s Bengali-style wedding went off swimmingly: not too swanky, not too reclusive. The people who mattered were there, including CM Buddhadev Bhattacharyya and his ex-boss Jyoti Basu, along with the city’s cognoscenti. For bridegroom Alberto Vourvoulias, Time mag staffer, it must have been a whale of a trip. No admission for journos and cameramen, but that didn’t prevent photos from appearing in papers the next day.

Queen Causerati

Guess who was the surprise guest at painter Manjit Bawa’s Lohri do at the capital’s Habitat World last week? Bianca Jagger, the ex-Mrs Mick Jagger, a card-holding member of the international causerati who promotes good causes with the same zest and passion as she collects her frequent-flier mileage. Quite naturally, when you have such high-profile guests to ogle at, who’s got the time for the chukundar keemas, the makke-ki rotis and sarson ka saags. No?

Doctor, Doctor

Cricket has always been 27-year-old Venkateshwarlu’s first love—he quit a promising career in long-distance running and became a physiotherapist instead. He’s been the Hyderabad Cricket Association (hca) physio for the last two years and boasts of being friends with the likes of Azharuddin and Venkatapathy Raju. Wonder whether he also doubles up as their emotional therapist in cricket’s hour of crisis.

Space Cowboys

The last time Prof Hawking lost a bet, he ended up giving a year’s subscription of Penthouse magazine to American astrophysicist Kip Thorne. Now, the Centre for Philosophy and Foundations of Science director, Ranjit Nair, has waged two cases of champagne against Hawking’s bet that physics would be redundant in the next 20 years. Nair’s confident to win and so are we, huh!


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