OUTLOOK Monday 15 January, 2001
Real-Life Rangeela

The little birdie’s back, this time with an official rumour. Bollywood’s abuzz with the ‘news’ that Rhea Pillai has at last decided that it’s time to teach husband Sanjay Dutt a lesson or two for his amorous ways and has filed for a divorce. The cause for this friction? You guessed it—Sanju baba’s more than flirtatious relationship with Preity Zinta.

Brand-New Bakra

But here’s some good news from Cyrus ‘Bakra’ Broacha. Mumbai’s most eligible bachelor became a bakra in real life last week when he tied the knot with his muse for five years, Ayesha Monani, a freelance photographer. Guess Broacha couldn’t stay away from the cameras for too long—soon after the registered marriage, the couple didn’t waste any time on honeymoon. They were spotted in their offices the very next day!

The Man and His Mean Machine

Guess what was the curiosity element when renowned physicist Stephen Hawking landed in Mumbai last week? No, not his Black Hole theory. It was instead his state-of-the-art wheel-chair, mounted with a computer and a voice synthesiser. In India to attend an international conference, the celebrated author of A Brief History of Time, who suffers from motor neuron disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is excited to find and give some answers during his two-week stay in India.

A Role-model for Housewives

So can we now safely say that we Indians produce all the beautiful women in the world? Why not? After all, we have a Miss Universe, a Miss World, a Miss whatever else you can think of. And now we have the fourth beauty title of the year, the Mrs World 2001 in Aditi Govitrikar. Ain’t that proof enough of our claim? Being hailed as a ‘shining example to all married women with careers who want to achieve that extra something in life’, the lady with cognac eyes is aiming big in life—she’s already shooting for her first Hindi film. And if her Coke commercial with Hrithik Roshan is any indication of her acting prowesses, this lady surely knows what she wants in life. No?

Meaty Roles

Ever wondered what a medal in the Olympics can do to you? Ask Karnam Malleshwari. You get invited to ribbon-cutting ceremonies! You poll more votes than A.B. Vajpayee and are voted the Time South Asian of the year. And, to top it all, you have producers queuing outside your house with film roles! Did we hear you say something like make hay while the sun shines?

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  • If you’d like to stitch together a Hollywood dream team, it has to have Marty, Bob and Sonny. The BFI London film festival saved its hushed breath for The Irishman—a gangster drama by the man who helped define the genre in Goodfellas and The Departed. Yet, in this autumnal light, Frank (De Niro) and Jimmy (Al Pacino) are just not snarling desperados, six-shooters at the ready. Time is also spent on sombre reflection—old reg­rets, moral reckonings and the one important thing that finally matters: mortality.
  • An evening in Paris is kinda incomplete without appreciating up-close those high-kicking cancan dancers in flesh-exposing ostrich feather costumes at Moulin Rouge. It’s a touristy tradition of 130 years, a milestone the cabaret reached this aut­umn. Enjoy the choreography and quaff your way through a bottle of champagne. 82 Boulevard de Clichy, Please
  • Kendall Jenner, Camila Morr­one, Scooter Braun, Kim Kard­ashian, Joan Smalls...that’s a guestlist straight out of a Craigslist of new-world cel­e­­bdom. Except the model and the real-life showgirl, we hadn’t heard of anyone (had you?). They banded together at the wedding ceremony of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in South Carolina. Don’t it look like they’re on a school trip?
  • His penchant for prancing about in outrageous clothes —the incessant, kitschy peacocking—might irritate you, but the one role tailormade for Ranveer Sinh’s exuberance was Gully Boy. Inspired by street rappers Divine and Naezy, Ranveer, his rapper team and Alia set Dharavi alight with their defiant poe­try. Acclaimed by all, it is now India’s official entry to the Oscars. We need them to break the fourth wall now.