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  • Wednesday
  • 03 April, 1996
Basic Instinct

REMO Fernandes, the singer with a social conscience, has finally zeroed in on his back-to-basics instinct. His accompanying obsession? The Indian woman! If you think there is a jarring note in this one, hold on. In a few months, Remo's tentatively titled album Back to Roots will be out—with a special composition on the Bharatiya nari. Odd, considering his femme is French. But then, like it is often said: the lasses are always greener on the other side!

How the Garden Blooms

GARDEN women have somehow always been made of a winning material. Madhu Sapre, Namrata Shirodkar, Aishwarya Rai...and now with the launch of the premium Garden Silk Line, there is yet another face behind the fluttering fabric. The question is: will Garden create the new woman yet again? Says Shilpa Shah, director, Garden: "We have found a very beautiful girl." The stunner—Soumita Sengupta—may not be a pretty patch on Ash. But at least her name bears a striking resemblance to that of our Miss Universe.

Plus Point

IF Bollywood was a bad dream, London was a nightmare for Naseeruddin Shah. And so, shrugging off controversy and the casanovish Cyrano de Bergerac, the versatile actor is back where he belongs. In Bollywood masala fillum land. This time flirting with an entirely different role. Industry grapevine has it that Naseer might soon be directing a film for Amit Khanna's Plus Channel. "The news is premature," says Khanna, "it will be finalised in a couple of months." The plus point to the whole thing? At least here Naseer will call the shots.

Injured Soul

MUCH acrimony in Waseem Akram's life these days. Post World Cup debacle, the injured Pakistan team captain has had rather a rough time of it. Combating both insult and injury. The physical hurt will heal in time, the injured ego may take time to recover from the vicious allegations he's been subjected to at home. Papa, Choudhary Akram, clearly devastated by the accusations of bribe-taking and selling out the country is advising his son to relinquish the captaincy. "No point taking all these pressures and accusations. Hum log gaddaar thodi hain (We are not traitors). Waseem is so depressed, doesn't know what to do." Well, take it on the chin in true sportsman spirit, we suppose.

Our Man in Istanbul

AHMED Khan's choreographed sequences, Daler Mehndi's hip-hopping pyrotechnics...nothing could take away the spotlight from Sachin Khurana, 22, winner of Graviera Suitings' Adonis 'Man of the Year' contest, now off to Istanbul to participate in the Christian Dior 'Best Model of the World' contest. So how does he feel? "Didn't expect this. All the finalists were so good." Does he fancy a win in Istanbul? "Let's hope for the best," shoots back India's new pin-up boy. Well, all the best.


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