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  • 09 August, 1999
This is no Batty Move

WHEN a slice of World Cup history came to the north Bengal town of Siliguri this week, a local businessman snapped it up or Rs 1.11 lakh. For a piece of willow that stylish southpaw Saurav Ganguly used en route to a record 183 in Taunton a couple of months ago. Raising money for the Kargil martyrs, Ganguly auctioned at least a dozen other bats from his personal kit at the specially arranged function, mopping up an additional Rs 2.6 lakh. "I’ll make it a round figure of Rs 4 lakh and hand the amount over to chief minister Jyoti Basu," the cricketer told the gathering. Another record of sorts, Saurav?


WHO said actresses were dumb? Certainly not the ruling queen of the box-office, Kajol. Ram Informatics, a Bangalore- based software education and Oracle systems developing company recently announced its preferential share issue. And who would grab a substantial amount of its shares but the new Mrs Devgan. The stock’s currently being traded between Rs 36 to Rs 40 on the BSE . From the Box- office to the Stock Exchange, it’s an easy tread for this dulhaniya.

Why V Chose Her

SHE is Channel V’s answer to MTV ’s body-sculpted Malaika Arora. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Nina "Body" Manuel, the newest VJ on the Channel’s roster. Having walked the ramp, it’s time for her to face the music or rather the camera. No inane prance and prattle for this Sam Miguel girl; she’s currently learning the art of speaking a tad bit slower. As for the challenge, Nina says: "I’m pleasantly thrilled."

Classical Connections

THE "Voice Divine" Sangeet Martand Pt Jasraj, who gamely admitted that he only recently learnt the difference between a website and an e- mail, inaugurated his own website last week. It was a gurudakshina of a different kind, as his pupils gathered to wish him in this novel fash ion on Guru Purnima day. For Panditji, who’d earlier used tape recorders to help his pupils hone the nuances he’d taught them, this was yet another way to connect with his shishyas.

In Good Company

HE all along told us that he was a dirty old man. All those who didn’t believe writer-journalist Khushwant Singh’s claim, irrefutable proof is on its way. Having spent months closeted in the cool climes of Kasauli, Singh is all set to release The Company of Women in September, his first novel in 10 years. Published by Penguin India, the book is said to be "extremely erotic". Competition, Ms De?

Retiring Rich

WINNING Rs 83 crore can be your ticket to anything. In K. V. Krishna Mohan’s case, who won the Euro lottery, it may mean a ticket for the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls. The 42- year- old joined the TDP in May this year and thinks "there’s no need for me to bother about earning a livelihood. The amount I have got from the lottery can take care of the next seven generations". Winning does become a habit some times.


THEY’RE unusual sparring partners. Indian Hockey Federation president, ex- cop K. P. S. Gill and Little Master Sunil Gavaskar have been exchanging more than just pleasantries with each other this past week. Gavaskar is not known to mince words and he let his opinion be known about the six hockey players sacked by the federation. The ex- cop fired back defending the decision and in return questioning the Little Master’s knowledge of the game. The matter right now rests at this point. Will it be square cut next?


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