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  • 31 August, 1998
Takes Two to Tango

HER run-in with Darmiyaan producer R.V. Pandit barely over, Kalpana Lajmi is at it again. Mandi House had commissioned a Rs 1 crore serial, Awakening, to be jointly directed by Bhupen Hazarika and Lajmi. Its reshot, rechristened version is being aired on Star Plus. Says a DD official: "We can't let them get away with such a blatant violation of the contract. We'll take them to court."

Malaika Straits

THOSE cheekbones and that figure. Model-VJ Malaika Arora is set to break many a heart when she ties the knot with actor-boyfriend Aarbaz Khan later this year. The duo met for the first time for an ad shoot and have since been a steady number. No details though. Says she: "I'm superstitious about talking in advance."

Don and Dusk

AT last the two Dons meet. Indian batting genius Sachin Tendulkar will be in Sydney to celebrate cricket legend Sir Donald Brad-man's 90th birthday on August 27, courtesy the South Australian Cricket Association. Says he: "I've wanted to meet him for a long time. I'll make sure we have a picture together." It'll be a short stay though, for Tendulkar has to be back in Delhi to receive the Khel Ratna award on August 29.

Tattoos on the Moon

THE team which set Maachis alight—music director Vishal and filmmaker-lyricist Gulzar—are at it again. The duo have worked on Rishi Films International's Jahan Tum Le Chalo, starring Nirmal Pandey. But the film will have a first by Gulzar—an English song titled Your Face sung by the deep-throated Gary Lawyer. The chorus, which goes "your face is the face of love", sings paeans to the "symphony" of the heroine's eyes, between "drawing tattoos on the moon", and capturing the "sky in my embrace of love". All in all, unadulterated love is given Gulzar's own touch of magic, only this time in English. The maestro, it seems, believes that love needn't be restricted by barriers of language.

A Magic Hat Trick

AFTER navigating space in the serial Captain Vyom, filmmaker Ketan Mehta is now high on two other career trips. One is his dream project Kartoos, a film on the 1857 war of Indian independence. Sanjay Dutt is the surprise choice for the lead. And the other project: India's first sci-fi films Garbhit and Manas. Which means that Mehta is more than ever before likely to be found in his FX studio Maya than anywhere else. Pre-production work is on, reveals Mehta. Here's to a hat trick from the magic man.

Who Says She Kent?

AN unexpected wedding earlier this year has in no way dulled London-based journalist Mohini Kent's prose. Kent was in the capital recently to release her first novel Chief Longhooknose and Trader Jim, written as she says, "for young adults". "How do you cut the air?" asks the author at the beginning of her book. This is how. Written over the last one year with only one day a week devoted to writing, Kent has emerged satisfied at the end of it. Says she: "It's another world that I wanted to create. It was a kind of escape."


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