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  • 24 August, 1998
Now for Some Haute Broth

GOA-based designer Wendell Rodricks now dips his ladle into a different bowl of broth. With Frenchman Jerome Marrel, he has started Sorpo's, a restaurant which Marrel says, "has the fine dining experience of my hometown, Lyon, the gastronomic capital of the world." Situated at Fontainhas, Goa's Latin quarter, Sorpo's, short for the famed Goan sorpotel, has crockery 'n' cutlery by Feroze Gujral; the food by chef K. Ganesh; interiors, of course, by Wendell himself. "I started my career in catering," says he, "and I think this is one way of going back to it—on my own terms this time."

Shys Bold Moves

FIRST among supermodels, Shyamolie Varma moved bag, baggage, baby Akiksha and talent to Pune long ago. And went on to use "modelling as a method for self-projection". Through a recently-concluded two-month-long personality development workshop, super-model Shy taught aspirants, among other essentials, the elements of elegance. Pick that up, they did. But at a hefty tab of Rs 12,000 each.

To Tie a Tiara

SOMETIMES marriages are made under arc lights. Former Miss India and VJ Nafisa Joseph got officially engaged to fellow model Sameer Malhotra earlier this week in Bangalore. And keeping her title in mind, Malhotra fashioned the diamond-studded ring like a tiara. Malhotra, who like Joseph, is also from Bangalore, moved to Mumbai to be part of the glamour world. But it will be a wait of two years before this model marriage materialises. For now Jospeh has left for Dubai, for as they say, the show must go on.

Back with the Write Stuff

His first out-and-out commercial film, the Ajay Devgan-starrer Takshak, safely in the cans, Govind Nihalani is back to what he likes best—literature. He has once again turned his attention to writer Bhisham Sahni, whose powerful Partition saga Tamas he adapted for a stirring television series that still remains a benchmark of excellence. This time around, the Delhi-based Sahni himself is the subject of Nihalani's film, a Sahitya Akademi-commissioned documentary on the life and times of the veteran litterateur.

A History Repeated

HE was once described as the best Indian historian of his generation. The author of Career and Legend of Vasco Da Gama, Sanjay Subrahmanyam, 38, was in Delhi recently to launch his new book The Mughal State, 1526-1750, a collection of essays jointly edited with Muzaffar Alam. Subrahmanyam spends time teaching at the School of Higher Studies in Social Sciences in Paris. In between, he produces classics like this latest one.

Golf Links

FOR professional golfer Gaurav Ghei, the last few years proved rocky on the personal front. His father's illness took its toll on the gifted golfer. Ghei, 30, now has reason to cheer. He's tying the knot with 26-year-old Miti Sabharwal, introduced to him by a family friend. Will Miti be his partner on the course as well? Says he: "She knows nothing about golf and I like it that way."


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