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  • 01 June, 1998
Its Still on His Mind

EIGHTY-THREE he may be, but the man in the lightbulb hasn't hung up his boots yet. Khush-want Singh is at it again: he's in Kasauli, writing a "sexy" new novel which, he says, "will make Shobha De blush". De could well give eye for an eye, sex for sex. Meanwhile, Singh's preoccupation with the good things of life continues, even when he's on the wrong side of 80. After all, as they say—you can never keep a good man 'down'.

Nuked Nostradamus

EVEN as Avul Pakir Jainulabedeen Abdul Kalam made headlines with the nuclear bomb, there were other ardent pursuits that were keeping the boss of the Defence Research and Development Organisation equally busy. Come July and publishers Penguin India will release India 2020: A Vision for the New Millennium, a book he has coauthored with fellow space scientist Y.S. Rajan. The book is a futuristic account of what India will be by the year 2020 and what it has not been able to accomplish yet. His bomb was a tremendous success, will the book be another bombshell?

Salman Loses His Shirt, Again

AFTER losing his shirt in brother Sohail Khans film Pyar Kiya to Darna Kya, Salman Khan went ahead and lost his designer wardrobe while he was shooting in London. So impressed was this nimble-fingered thief with Salmans wardrobe that he simply made off with it. Either that, or it was a case of one of Khans female fans sending across the message that they prefer their hero bare-bodied.

Spicing Up Ol Blighty

RESTAURATEUR Ritu Dalmiya's Indian food restaurant Vama has been currying favour with a host of celebs: among them Bryan Adams (who brings his own water bottle), Eric Clapton, John Galliano and Julia Roberts. It also impressed legendary food critic A.A. Gill who wrote in The Sunday Times: "The great relief of Vama is that, despite all its serious authenticity, it still manages to fill a curry-sized hole." Now, that's food for thought.

Ezy Rider

IT was a young and talented Kapil Modi who brought the Dressage riding event (the training of a horse in obedience and deportment for competition) to India. Last fortnight, he also became the first-ever Indian Dressage rider to reach the International Grand Prix level. Modi's steady progress owes a lot to his coach, the world and Olympic champion, Russian Dr Elena Petushkova. His talent and her guidance: and it's a smooth ride for Modi.

Millennial Meeting

DIRECTOR Deepa Mehta knows what she'd be doing on 1.1. 2000. Lunching with US First Lady Hillary Clinton. To be hosted at the White House, the luncheon's guests will be the 15 most powerful/creative/influential women in the world. The producer of Fire and Earth will no doubt be a crucial element.

A Chunky Role

FORMER Lufthansa airhostess Bhavna is the perfect wife for Chunky Pandey. Also a moderating influence. The TV software firm Absolute is her recent creation; her future plans include reviving mom-in-law Dr Snehlata's boutique Deja Vu, and expanding her fat-busting clinic Slimelle with a health farm. Of course, being a model, she makes for the perfect exhibit.


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