OUTLOOK Monday 26 January, 1998
Not Quite Geet Govinda

IF you think Govinda's repertoire is limited to delivering hits or dancing his way into frontbenchers' hearts, think again. Hero No 1 plans to go pop with an eight-song album with HMV. He's been doing his riyaz regularly, thanks to his late mother Nirmala Devi, a classical singer. When he approached HMV, they were initially apprehensive, but the Midas-touch man soon proved he could croon. Five Hindi songs, two Punjabi ones and one English will enchant his fans in a few months. All that now remains to be seen is if Hero No 1 can sing as well as he can dance.

Hes Got His Eye In

RAHUL Dravid has many talents and not all are with the bat. On the Indian team's tour of South Africa, Dravid is said to have shot wildlife extensively. But the pressures of the tour meant the talented batsman didn't have enough time to get it edited. Dravid plans to use the edited tape as a filler. Salil Ankola made the shift from cricket to acting; maybe Dravid can do the same for filmmaking.

Ruby Cops It

IMAGINE Planet Ruby turned into one large cop-and-convict drama? That's exactly what Star TV is promising with madhatter VJ Ruby Bhatia, who turned the art of VJ-ing on its head, playing cop in the new TV series to go on air soon. Initially, Cop Bhatia is unsuccessful in her attempt to solve the mystery and the only person who can help her is a convict, played by Aly khan. Khan and Bhatia then make an invincible team. From VJ Ruby to Actress Ruby, the transition comes easy and should make for some fascinating television. Oye Ruby!

A Key Influence

ANOUSHKA Shankar, sitar maestro Ravi Shankar's 16-year-old daughter, is all set to make her debut as a pianist. She learnt how to play the sitar from her father at an early age, and by the time she turned 9, Ano-ushka discovered her passion for the piano. 'Twas not long before she decided that music would be her full time career. Of the two instruments, it's the sitar which she prefers. Says she, somewhat charmingly: "I am better at the sitar, so that's why I prefer it." Of the two piano pieces she will play, one will be with renowned flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal. Performing since the young age of 13, Anoushka misses school while performing live with her father. And she has had to do a balancing act to keep her head on her shoulders. She says: "I get so much for being his daughter. But I have also tried hard to keep a sense of reality in this business."

Hi-Flutin Techno Rag

SO what if his grandiosely-planned Vrindaban gurukul still functions out of a loaned space in Bandra? Flautist Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia can still lend his time to ever-new enterprises. The latest: a new raga (no less) titled 'Titali' for the launch of TCS' E.X. Next Generation. Music for a business accounting software! That's what the greens call the Butterfly Effect.

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  • Blink, and you’ll travel back to the glory days of disco, with Cardi B’s multi-­coloured jumpsuit transporting you effortlessly. But, disaster struck at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Man­chester, when this splendid  garment gave way along its nether seams, hurrying poor Cardi  offstage.  The singer arrived minutes later in a bathrobe, the picture of unfl­a­ppability. “We gonna keep it sexy,”  she crooned. That is style.
  • Since the moment we set our eyes on him on that October evening in 2000, that cracklingly clean ‘plock’ of the ball on his bat, with the whistle-fresh swing and follow-­through, marvelled us. It was the same in Yuvraj Singh’s last inter­national inn­ings. Sandwitched within were six miraculous, now-mythical sixes in an over, the no less magical performances in the 2011 World Cup, and a great, big-hearted recovery from illness. You have a great life after retirement, Yuvi.
  • As Liverpool and Tottenham muscled it out in the major kickabout that’s the Champions League final, after Moha­med Salah pumped in a penalty for a 1-0 lead, as bands of Liverpudlians seriously contemplated a conversion to Mo’s creed, she jumped right in. Comfortably sneakered, ash blonde hair aflow, arms raised, her amplitude tucked into an ungenerous swimsuit, she peddled a porn site. Play stopped for a bit, then the spoilsports threw her out.
  • Amidst the mucky filth, smelling of cordite, that is Bengal’s bipartisan politics on the ground, there emerged two flowers empowered to fight the dominant one in Par­li­a­­ment. TMC’s Mimi and Nus­rat, beloved of cameras in this poll season, were sharply dressed as ever on their first day in the House.


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