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Boy Be Doughty

You have to feel for the little guy—all of six months old and being dragged away to squirm in the salty sea air for his star parents’ gratification. No wonder, young Jeh—the addition to the family of Saif, Kareena and young Taimur—is turning his head away with discernible displeasure. Jeh was deb­uted before the cameras at this holiday in Maldives—tourism authorities there must have an agreement with Instagram—where the quartet has been enjoying an idyllic shindig. Kareena, who has already milked the perfectly common phases of pregnancy and motherhood into a book, captioned this admittedly warm photograph: “love, happiness and courage to you always”. Considering the media frenzy that accompanied Taimur’s growing up years, the tiny fella is going to need a quiverful of boldness.

She Shows No Mercy

The terrible tribe of Kali-worshipping Thuggees, with their silken skills with handkerchiefs, took a terrible toll on innocent wayfarers in 19th century India. Now, the movie Shamshera puts the lens back on a dacoit gang in the 19th century, which fights for their rights against the villainous British. Apocryphal or not, the reason for mild-mannered men to have a looksie is Vaani Kapoor, who will match Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt—perfect for the role of a fierce bandit gone soft with age—in feats of arms and loot. Look at her, hand on heart, pride and resolve nakedly apparent in her guardedly wanton look, and know that this dame will be second to none in bloodlust if you don’t turn yourself over to the gang. The film “would position me correctly as a performer,” she predicts with blood-curdling certitude. Would dacoits like her be as bold in attire as in deed some 150 years back, you ask? Time travel to their terrifying temples in central India, and you’d be surprised.

Need To Help

Lara Croft was jolted out of her make-believe world in war-torn Cambodia. There awoke in Angelina Jolie a new consciousness—that to bring human misery before our averting eyes. That mission, bolstered by her role as UNHCR special envoy has taken her to crisis areas like Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan and conflict areas like Darfur, Iraq-Syria (in picture) and lastly, Kabul during the US-led war. More than politicians and paper-pushing generals, she has the right to speak on the unfolding chaos in Afghanistan. In an op-ed in Time, she makes all the points of concern—hard-fought progress being rolled back, the utter shame of the US withdrawal and threat to women’s independence and education. This last point was reinforced by a heartbreaking, poignant letter by an Afghan girl to Angelina, expressing the teenager’s fear and desire for education. Significantly, it was Angelina she chose to reach out, and she chose well. It led the actress to open an Instagram account, not to primp like others, but to use it to amplify the voices of Afghan girls and women.

Not A Walkover

She leans against the door, a picture of languorous, delicate equipoise, looking out to the busy world as late afternoon slides into the gloaming of dusk, darkening the green of the foliage and the crimson of her gown’s fragile dishabille. Could the owner of such self-possession ever be teased by coarse bullies? But she was, in school, for being a reed-thin girl. Those people are now vivious trollers, directing their self-hatred on to people like Ananya Panday. At celebrity show Pinch, host Arbaaz Khan read out a series of attacks on Ananya, who side-stepped them with ease, laughing away at most, gamely playing along with others. Except when someone termed her ‘artificial’ and ‘fake Panday’. Ananya drew the line: “You can call me anything but artificial. I am 100 per cent real.” You’ve got to show that gun some time.


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