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  • 19 July, 2021
Setting A Clock Back

For some people with little to prove, the thrill of the competition—the smell of the chase—is reason enough to go for the prize. Thus Shilpa Shetty, who can rest easy with all that potato she earned in her film career, especially when added to the millions of her husband. But no; Shilpa tries to recreate her old magic in dance shows like Super Dancer. While fashion gimmicks are aplenty here, Shilpa did outdo herself with this polka dot white silk sari, a sleeveless blouse, top knot tied with a like-minded scarf, floral earrings and black bangles. The painstakingly created ’70s look goes well with her mildly surprised, raised eyebrows affectation. Outside such stray nostalgic trips, however, her real work is confined to films named Nikamma and Hungama 2. A dash of retro days there, too!

Break, On Thy Cold, Gray Stones

Does every beautiful thing have to end? When Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao fell for each other, we nodded wisely and said it proved a Bollywood star needn’t marry an equally desirable actress, that brains mattered as much. Others connected Aamir’s artsy predilections to Kiran’s nerdy exterior. Now that the couple has announced the final, irrevocable sundering of ties (had a long time coming, whisper insiders), note the decorum of their statement. “We began a planned separation…and now feel comfortable to formalise this arrangement of living separately yet sharing our lives…” That, folks, is how you camouflage bitterness and heartbreak. Almost on a hint, actress Mehreen Pirzada and Congressman Bhavya Bishnoi have ‘amicably’ broken off their four-month-long engagement. The Phillauri actress says “it was in the best interest”. While Bhavya, whose yellow jacket here does him credit, says the break was due to “differences in values and compatibility”. Therein lies a lesson: the courage to pull out before something ripens into a poison fruit.

All Happy Families…

Long back, in those days of Cool Britannia powered by New Labour, David Beckham was English football’s newest prince who promised a public hungry for riches, glimpsed through silvery dribbling and curling, bending free kicks that had an inevitable rendezvous with corner nets. Meanwhile, as part of the sensational Spice Girls, Victoria ‘Posh’ Adams, was rocking the zeitgeist, inviting amorous looks all over with a ‘zig-a-zig ah’! Their romance, and later, years of marriage, rode a constant high tide of tabloid attention, high fashion and the dolce vita. On their way, a regular brood was begotten—sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and daughter Harper. The footballer recently posted these photos on their anniversary. “22 years later, still matching outfits,” he wrote. The night suits for the entire family for a sleepover are cute, while David and Victoria’s purple outing stabs at the hearts of those of us who’re finally missing the ’90s.

Never, Ever Ignore Her

To put it snappily, Bollywood is a bitch when it comes to struggling young actors, subjecting unconnected people to long periods of desperate tribulation. And if you don’t conform to Bolly’s dominant stereotypes, it gets tougher. Such is the case with artistes from the Northeast, who seldom get a look-in despite proving themselves in acting and in the looks department (refer to picture). The lithely gorgeous Lin Laishom (Mary Kom, Umrika, Rangoon and Axone) spoke of all this recently. “My ethnicity has been my biggest struggle in the industry—a setback in getting work,” she says candidly, recalling how filmmakers offered her roles only of ‘spa girls’ and ‘waiters’. Lin, who has modeled and learnt acting in New York, as well as done theatre in Naseeruddin Shah and Neeraj Kabi’s groups, also spoke about the lack of role models in the Northeast (she’s from Manipur). One of the gravest, and daftest, of Bollywood’s faults is to ignore the only Indians who have ‘international’ good looks. Think about it.


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