July 27, 2021


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  • 21 June, 2021
Multiple Of Five

This is a tale of wrongheadedness, bathos and comic relief. The tag of an ‘environmentalist’ has infinitely more traction than the status of a former heartthrob—though god alone knows how we miss a precious beat even now when we ogle Juhi Chawla. Had she known this, she’d have been content with our devotion and not filed a weird lawsuit against the implementation of 5G technology as its radiation harms humans and other life. Then, as the Delhi High Court was mulling over Juhi’s preposterous claims in a virtual hearing, a man joined in, interrupting the proceedings with a medley of hit songs featuring Juhi: Ghunghat ki aad se, Lal lal hothon pe both got a look in. While he was removed and the police notified, he ought to be burned at the stake for not including Gazab ka ha din. As for Juhi, her lawsuit was brutally dismissed and a Rs 20 lakh fine imposed for its being “defective” and an “abuse of the process of law”.

Wish Thee Well

If you ever venture into the inordinately subjective terrain of classifying beauty, you’d probably set Yami Gautam’s undeniable appeal as clean and wholesome, a smile that gains in freshness what it disdains in seductive allure. What, then, can be more characteristically understated than her “intimate wedding” with Aditya Dhar, who directed her in Uri: The Surgical Strike. The gorgeous couple, clearly in love, posed in full Pahari regalia—off-white sherwani and turban for him; stunning sari, elaborate jewellery, maang tika and nose ring on her. And the pine branches are real—mountains were witness to it all. The other tying of the knot that jumped upon us involves an old favourite of ours—Evelyn Sharma, who married boyfriend Tushaan Bhindi in Brisbane last month, but broke the news now. The highlight for us was Evelyn’s exquisite lace bridal gown, the bouquet of white roses and that look of settled contentment in both.

Towards a Muddle

Even hoary ancestors of photography like daguerreotypes were alive to the possibility of silhouettes against the setting sun. And as for the trail of water that Disha Patani’s hair throws out after a vigorous head wobble and a furious dunk, we have it from pals who more than dabble in photography that it’s but toffee for a professional digital camera. As we squint to get a better view of Disha’s contours through the gathering darkness, news reaches us that Disha and beau Tiger Shroff were accosted by stern members of the Mumbai Police for “flouting COVID-19 norms” while taking a spin in their car at Bandra. An FIR was duly filed against the children. Just give them a beach and let them be, folks.

No Second Look

Though much was made of Nora Fatehi’s “fusion of Arabic and Indian dance”, in her performance in Paris’s L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix, it was just another smart assortment of swaying sideways and the ability to writhe in faux ecst­asy while standing on one’s two feet. Old hat, in short. Since then, Nora has been eagerly ringing the ‘first Indian to…in the West’ gongs. After bec­oming the first Indian ‘artiste’ to be costumed by designer Giannina Azar, she is now the subject of a photoshoot by the Moroccan-British photographer Hassan Hajjaj. Brother Hassan is known to fuse his native culture with pop references in his art. What’s the big deal, then, this snap, we ask. A near-gymnastic test of balance against the backdrop of a giant bedspread. Is this the stuff that puts Nora in the league of Madonna and Cardi B? Friends, it’s balderdash.


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