August 03, 2021


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  • 07 June, 2021
In Her Own Jonas

Trust Priyanka Chopra to smoulder, to fire up a smoke-storm in a semi-sheer Dolce & Gabbana gown with accoutrements. The plunging neckline and thigh-high slit paired with a massive gold belt cinching her waist made her look all things ravishing. The diamond danglers by Bulgari, a signature serpent necklace, golden heels, shimmery makeup and poker straight hair…Husband Nick Jonas nursing a wounded rib was all green in a Fendi ensemble and black loafers. Green, aha! Did we tell you that all these happened at this year’s Billboard Music Awards? Apologies—we were tasered by that stun gun called Piggy Chops.

The Stork Knocks At 50

All stories begin the same way. A long, long time ago…we had this poster child of black royalty from the catwalk who lit up our grim hostel rooms. It’s time again to go back to our ol’ malarkey. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is a mom at 50, her first child, and can’t be happier to embark on the beautiful journey of motherhood. “There is no greater love,” she wrote on Instagram, sharing a picture of her hand holding her baby girl’s tiny feet. One intriguing question here: Who is the father? She has been engaged twice but never married. She is part of a growing trend of women choosing to have children later in life, whether naturally or by surrogacy. Like pop singer Janet Jackson who gave birth at age 50 in 2017.

Old Romance Waves

The fickle world of social media demands bananas— and this monkey often finds it, peeled and ready around the bend. For all looky-loos stopping for a sideways glance look at this image. This is Bollywood’s Brazilian import Izabelle Leite, resplendent and bejeweled in a black dress with frill flaps that would embarrass the bird of paradise. But this is not the one that noshed Insta-feeders. That is a happy shot from another time—when she was dating our Virat Kohli for two years on the trot since 2012, with the cricketer following his heart until the brain played tricks. Well, Talaash girl Izabelle has since been forgotten. Almost. Kohli’s second innings with Anushka has been steadier and we wish them so.

Nothing Left To Hide

The internet is a galumphing wild elephant—bellowing, haranguing, manipulating and demonising anyone or anything in its path. There is no dogged non-nonsense pursuit of truth. Ask Radhika Apte. She was trolled almost to the point of pushing her into near-hysterical depression over some leaked nude clips. She couldn’t step out of her home for days because the driver, watchman, and her stylist’s driver believed those were her images—leaked when she was filming Clean Shaven. The photographs were bare-skinned selfies of a woman, and “anyone with a sane eye” could make out that it wasn’t she, says Radhika, who is now playing a sex worker in Parched. And ever the optimist that she is, she has put the broom to those malicious footprints as she has “nothing left to hide”.


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