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  • 28 December, 2020
We Wanna Woo Her

It’s the signature gesture that generations of romancing Bollywood actors have fallen back on when running out of moves in songs—arms outstretched, head thrown back in delirious joy, about to fold in the grassy turf beneath, the azure sky above and the line of pines yonder. From Shammi Kapoor to Aamir and Shahrukh, no one has escaped its embrace. Raveena Tandon, in smashing shape still, apes that effortlessly in snowy Himachal. “Was doing a #Switzerlandkashahrukh…,” she posts cheekily. Sharply booted, zipped up and kitted in black, our heroes have to perfect their open-armed expansion many times over to win a girl like that.

Lava By An Ocean

“This time last year,” as she captions it, the seas around Hawaii went into a frothy roil, beating those unflappable, volcanic black rocks with unforeseen force. The reason of their turmoil was none other than Neha Sharma, who shows that one doesn’t have to act like a contortionist to make heads spin and tides turn. A simple, seductive black bikini, dry hair loosely worn and a pose snapped out of her natural swing goes the longest distance, though her easy curves don’t harm the general effect. We asked Neha to lower her shades just once; she disarmed us with that smile.

Infinity Pool

If you thought you’d get away from our continuing series of bathing beauties displaying their skills in magnetic Maldives—where they’re drawn, by some inexplicable herd instinct, like moths to a flame—you are mistaken. This week, there’s Daisy Shah (Jai Ho, Race 3) to beguile you, before you ask that very pertinent question: does the reign of intoxicating, liquid blue extend beyond the waterline, to the domain of sand and crabs and lurking beachcombers? Or is that the sky, with its artsy watercolour clouds, playing tricks at us mortals? “Meet me where the sky touches the sea,” writes the nymph in the pink bikini. We’d have taken up the offer and asked her, but later….she’s only sleeping.

In Perfect Plumage

The one thing that British royalty does really well—even better, we’d argue, than nodding, smiling and occasionally shaking the proffered hands of their lord-loving subjects on public occasions—is putting on a show en famille, soothingly aware of the gratified scraping, yet being completely natural.  See this to understand how the next generation is trained: Prince William and Kate on a red carpet stroll at the London Palladium, en route a watch of Pantoland, a theatrical extravaganza. Prince George is the young spark in the striped sweater, Charlotte in the checked frock (do forgive Kate that shoulder-jutting dress) and little Louis in a blue coat out of Legoland. Yes, William does take the best-dressed prize for his nimble pairing of tieless red with black, but who among the children do you think will be a looker? We put our bets on Louis; he’s showing early signs of a dash.


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