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  • 21 December, 2020
Story of a Stray Lock

We were drip-feeding you with our bathing beauties in Maldives, in various attitudes of repose, as the light played on the water at different times of the day. We just can’t stop now and let you suffer a withdrawal symptom, so here’s this week’s girl: Hina Khan, who repaired thence with beau Rocky Jaiswal. There were those pictures of her, a blanket covering her bare back, arm extended to toast us with a glass of wine, but we chose this since it shows more of her expression. There she is, exchanging her blanket with a lighter cloth, in a pretty polka dot bikini and a perfectly ghastly pair of sunglasses, holding on to her hat against a strong wind. Some lives are better espied thus—by the waterfront.

His Role, His Throne

The 19th century poet Michael Madhusudan Dutt’s epic verse Maghnadvad Kavya took as its protagonist Meghnad, Raavan’s son, painted him in human, humane light and gave him cogent motives for his actions. In much the same spirit, Saif Ali Khan spoke up about Adipurush, his new film based on the Ramayana, where his character takes after Raavan. The abduction of Sita, said our man, would be justified in the movie by what was first done to Surpanakha. Expect a realistic portrayal, he added. But this is India, 2020, and such free expression of artistic intent kicked up a row, bringing into its ambit, quite inevitably, the blessed lord who slew Lanka’s king. Chuck Saif out of the film, rose the cry on Twitter. Saif thought it best to placate the hideous bunch and apologised. But we lie in wait for Adipurush.

A Shine On Miley

@elblakee, sumptuously sinuous as she is, never imagined her moves would land her real time with a favourite popstar. As Indian youngsters try their damnedest to forget the bumptious charms of TikTok, action in the US is scorching the app. Thus @elblakee, weaving in and out of the rhythms of Miley Cyrus’s new song Plastic Heart, solicited her comment breathlessly, promising new needlework.  “How about the time and place of your first date?” asked Miley, sounding suspiciously serious. “I’m down to take you out anytime,” writes the girl with curves fashioned out of matte, muted plastic. Will Miley dress thus—goth chic sexy, with red lipstick for the occasion? We’ll never, ever know, for our masters never took TikTok to heart.

His Latest Cap

It’s not just those confounding shades, Ranveer Singh’s selfie has more in common with those holidaymakers in Maldives—look harder, and you find a sedate sea in low tide. That, and the confidence with which he wears that pearl necklace—stolen, no doubt, from Deepika’s jewellery box—twisting a gender marker effortlessly out of shape, makes this a successful effort in our eyes. “Suhana safar aur yeh mausam haseen….” writes Ranveer. “Babu tu heera nahi moti hai,” puts in friend Arjun Kapoor. That’s what good buddies do: give you a fillip.


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