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  • 30 November, 2020
That’s Amore

Are Ranveer’s kurta and Deepika’s kameez cut from the same cloth? It might well have been, like much of their conjoined lives, always in lockstep with each other—in movies, commercials, photoshoots, even answering the summons of the Narcotics Control Bureau. That life—a very public celebration of harmony and understanding—has turned two. Calling her his ‘gudiya’, Ranveer declares that their “souls are eternally intertwined”, harking to a different era of love’s loud proclamation, something that many would term cloyingly ‘corny’. But lovers, so long as roses bloom in their garden, have always disregarded the demands of smart irony. They say it’s the loveless who have need for such imitation ornaments. What do you think?

Knowing Herself

The seductive charm that Maldives holds for couples is legion, or we’d have thought Saina Nehwal had a quiet word with Masaba Gupta. Yet, one of our finest young designers hasn’t turned her getaway into a frolicsome jaunt tailored for mass applause. True to the principles of haute couture, Masaba projects a unique vision. Yes, the white in her maroon bikini strikes a startling symmetry with those earrings, but her expression is not one of marketable ‘happiness’: one hand tidying her hair, she stares in the middle distance, lips set in introspection. Did a self-reflexive turn in Masaba Masaba, where she dramatises herself, have something to do with this? We have to check with Satyadeep Misra, the actor who played her ex-husband, is said to be her boyfriend and who was near at hand.

Greetings, Says Desi Girl

Priyanka Chopra, now a US resident, has to give fans back home a periodic something to remember her by, to rekindle, as it were, the cooling embers of her once crackling stardom. We surveyed public opinion on the intermittent obtrusion of Nick Jonas—never one for varied expression—in frames belonging rightfully to Priyanka only, but Diwali is a different matter. A time of solemn affirmation of family ties and love finds the two with lit diyas in hand, half-closed eyes turned towards each other. His loose, sparsely embroidered jacket does try to establish a rapport with her flaming, floral-printed sari. Did Nick resist wearing a kurta? We’ll never know, but the highlight, surely, is Priyanka’s gorgeous kundan earrings.

Viva La Vita

Every line of human endeavour, high or low—from art, cinema and classical music to mass imprisonment, ideological treachery and an Orwellian police state—is incomplete without a Russian element. Sports Illustrated has other stunners in its capacious stable, but Vita Sidorkina stands out—it must be the violent clash of a homely Slavic face with the disconcerting grey eyes and those blonde streams. (If you think we exaggerate, see also Natalia Vodianova.) But alas, our Vita is no Russian femme fatale—she lives in Miami with her husband and little girl and runs a vegan ice-cream venture. How boringly American is that? Yet, apply the ‘golden ratio’ of beauty to her entire person, and we’ll wager she will fetch impossibly high marks.


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