November 26, 2020


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  • 10 August, 2020
High Wind In Jamaica

The expressionless glare with which Chris Gayle dispatches deliveries into the stands and their hapless hurlers into temporary perdition may lead to believe he’s a cheerless hoicker. His colourful biography laid that delusion to rest. Yet the onus on living all that—high jinks, endless partying, close encounters with the fairer sex—lies on Universe Boss. So here’s he, brushing up his dance moves at his mansion in Jamaica, showing the world that having a good time is a universal right. Surely, the Boss sees reason to entertain at the stripclub in his mansion too?

After Sophie’s Choice

Her hair, braided and blonde, those startling blue-gray eyes, a demure, regal bearing and the utter sadism she had to put up with in much of Game of Thrones made our hearts melt in sympathy and infatuation for Sophie Turner. We took heart later, when Sansa Stark picked up the reins of her destiny and cast a terrible pox on her enemies, and when, in the game of real life, she appeared to be so happy with singer Joe Jonas. The couple, who wed recently, has now a little girl they call Willa. Her namesake, the novelist Willa Cather, found epic tales in the open American prairie. We wish the same greatness to baby Willa.

How Midgets Work

Many are the noxious vagaries of Bollywood: nepotism, shabbiness towards ‘outsiders’, the casting couch, unbearable pressure eating away at young talent…. Now, we get an answer to a riddle: why does A.R. Rahman, with a record of vaulting excellence, not score music in more movies? The mild-mannered Rahman found out that “a whole gang” works against him, peddling stories to keep people from seeking his services. The problem, dear Rahman, says Shekhar Kapur, is the Oscar win. Correct, says sound designer Resul Pookutty, who also won a statuette for Slumdog Millionaire, and was promptly shunned by Bollywood. Right. Now we know why Bolly films (largely) remain pale pastiches of better ones.

Light, Citrus Days

If you’ve been preoccupying yourself with the catwalk and private personas of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, their illustrious half-sisters and the dysfunctional rants of one sister’s rapper husband, then you have been missing out on newer talent. For we have our beady eyes fixed on Kaia Gerber: tall, lithe, almost inevitably in a bikini (her raiment of choice) and only just 18. Whether delivering the shattering news of a broken wrist or displaying her new puppy, she knows that a perfect two-piece can only draw more sympathy and love. And if mom Cindy Crawford weighs in with her nous, they will never, ever let her down.


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