January 25, 2021


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  • 06 July, 2020
Take That, Dolts

Bollywood’s tepid rumour mills roll on as the pandemic blows hot, sulfurous air on it, and down our trembly, tingly necks. The need some louts have to sexualise any human friendship, especially between famous people, reflects their own bestial thoughts. So was the suggestion that Dangal co-stars Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra share a Sapphic relationship. Fatima had the good sense to dodge the canard in a neat side-step and then talk about the friendship she shares with Sanya. They are as they appear here: goofily happy.

Five Paces Away

She has a large fan-following on the strength of cardboard characters in TV serials, photoshoots and a constant, wandering presence in social media. Hina Khan, however, is a scaredy cat these days, perennially afraid of catching the dreaded C-virus, and took the feeling along to a dubbing studio for (absolutely, we imagine) necessary work. “I realised it’s unsafe to inhale/exhale so close to the microphone. God knows how any have dubbed there,” she says, her voice on an edge. That’s her, when she wasn’t so yellow as now, out for some faux gardening, soaking in the sun, hiding behind those shades. Another…gasp…of those shoots.

Masking Serious Talent

It’s a dispiriting thought for you boys. Is an outrageously visionary talent, a rambunctious proclivity to brag about it and billions of dollars to show for it all that matters to two of filmdom’s most attractive women? For talk has flowed in of a ‘disclosure’ that hatchet-faced Elon Musk has had a steamy three-way with lovely Cara Delevingne (catwalk stunner, author and imparter of intensity to her still insubstantial film roles) and lovelier Amber Heard (those eyes convey dreaminess better than many others) in 2016. The claim was instantly denied. But fret not friends, it seems this is a fallout of an acrimonious divorce between Amber and her husband of one year, Johnny Depp.

Gladly Uppity

Indian fakirs and sadhus, in those ghastly days of rampant, stereotyping Western Orientalism, were known across the world for their powers of levitation. They now have a latter-day competitor in the fabulously athletic form of Madhavi Nimkar. We have admiring eyes not only for her floral-printed workout leotard, but for those shoulders and forearms that elevates her being so exemplarily on the International Day of Yoga. So between jawans doing extreme asanas in Ladakh’s extreme climate and Madhavi, who do you pick? We have a divided house on this.


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