August 08, 2020


  • Monday
  • 29 June, 2020
Apt Preoccupation

The truly stylish don’t try hard—an old maxim that’s embodied by the persona of Radhika Apte, who has a natural ability to transcend even fashion mag frippery. Cooling her heels in London, she has here a tumbled-down bicycle, a bottle of water (we think), a pair of cool shorts and top, shades and a contented smile. And she’s got the expanse of Regent Park spread around her, with its wat­er bodies, swans and fine stands of Ash, Plane and Walnut. Yet Radh­ika is not one to wallow in delicious repose—she’s cut down on her beloved reading and is concentrating on the next best thing—writing.

Pater, Fill Him Up

So this is how they start out—loose, baggy, adorably skinny, yet with clear makings and markings of a barrel chest—before they wrestle with physical ambition and fight for their fathers’ golden boots. Cristiano Ronaldo has again extolled the virtues of hard exercise and careful eating—giving us happy couch sybarites a severe guilt complex—while confessing to an occasional Roman pizza with his son Cristiano Jr. Leave him to the thinly crusted staple, Cristiano, and Junior will fill out those inches in deficit before you retire. Some courses should be left to nature.

Unchanging Centrespreads

So accustomed are we to the tropes of foreign fashion magazines’ cover photography that there was nothing unusual about this on the face of it: Scarlet Johansson flanked by Korean actress Donna Bae and Deepika Padukone. But Diet Prada, a ‘fashion watchdog’, cast a gimlet eye and called out the sweetly nefarious, subterranean design. Pretending to celebrate diversity, including people of colour, what entrenched bastions of White privilege do is to use the latter as ‘props’ to ‘glamourise’ White privilege, it says. Scarlett, in short, will remain at the centre. If you always noted the ‘side role’ of Asians and Blacks in a fashion photo, then shrugged it off, you were at least on the right track.

Out With The Shadow!

Glamour, when painted on to an unwilling surface, doth detract from beauty. Benafsha Soonawalla (Whozzat? A Big Boss contestant)—wearing eye shadow straight from a horror flick and a gimcrack top laden with the cheapest trifle out of a Bollywood B-movie circa 1983—is actually a pretty lass with a fresh complexion. These days, she moans about a ‘hot photo’ of hers being taken down by Instagram. If you peek at it, you will turn away from the poor girl forever. Before plunging into disasters, she needs to ask us.


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