June 30, 2020


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  • 08 June, 2020
Love In High Places

As the sun flings a tired smile over Tehran, they leaned into each other for a kiss—legs dangling over the edge of a highrise roof, passions teetering at the brink. The apparent daredevilry, though, is but toffee for parkour athlete Alireza Japalaghy and his stunt partner. As their spectacular clinch went public, the Islamic state’s police raised a stink and arrested them. Among the high-minded charges were “improper and unreligious behaviour”, “advocating vice” that is “contrary to Sharia law”. Liberal Iranians complained as usual, but to little effect. God help the doughty duo.

The Coolest Inferno

They make dames like this in the East, women whose beauty and glamour wouldn’t overwhelm their entire persona, but are in tantalising balance with intelligence and strength of character. Such is the way, partners, with Anindita Bose, who’s captivating audiences with her emphatically bold turn as Chanda Mukherjee in the series Paatal Lok. In Bengal, she first popped eyes in the genteel, designer milieu of the serial Gaaner Opaare. Look into those eyes again…fancy a descent into her netherworld?

Shut Your Eyes

What else holds Amyra Dastur’s attention when she’s not donning a floral-printed swimsuit, kneeling in a gurgling brook, showing off that jawline, making eyes at us like that? Well, it’s an ‘evil eye’ tattoo (not, unfortunately, in this picture) that is guaranteed to make her feel safe from all nazar. Those who are breaking into a smug smirk must keep this in mind: in Bollywood, where eyes, and hands, often stray from the straight and narrow, such prophylactic measures are necessary armours.

Tall Boots To Fill

This one is about the guy, so pay attention. Do you see a sliver of likeness in that lowered, defiant gaze, the mop of hair on the forehead, the lumbering stature? If Namashi Chakraborty wants people to compare him favourably with dad Mithun, he ought to junk that denim coat, the horribly sprinkled shoe and the awkwardly torn denim (if you want bling, go watch Disco Dancer, boy). The girl is Amrin, who is debuting with Namashi in Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Bad Boy. Now that’s a weighty moniker to bear—the possibilities are boundless. Can Namashi live up to it?


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