July 13, 2020


  • Monday
  • 18 May, 2020
Stole Of Honour

A building block in stark black or a podium? Considering Serena Williams’s stature as tennis’s most dominant female player in the past two decades, we’ll plump for it to signify a pedestal worthy of her 23 Slam titles. See her decisive half-stride, the confident, distant look and the chutzpah in pairing a white swimsuit with a double-breasted jacket and sleekly lethal stilettos. But does a photoshoot for a NY-based shoe brand express ‘hope and optimism’? That’s a lob that missed its mark, but in trying times we’ll endeavour to extract some comfort from this.

Oh, Be Pretty

Does Priyanka Chopra miss that moment when she started her career at the top of the world, in the perfect Y2K moment when the winner’s crown rested so gladly on her magnificent head? She might have timed the elaborate ‘make-up session’ with niece Krishna with this year’s postponed Met Gala—what you see is the crowning moment—but that expression is replete with memories—hers and ours. If these endlessly stretched out days has a wistful effect on you, why would PeeCeeJo be immune? As an aside, that bathrobe-ish denim dress of hers deserves to be a hit.

Delightful Confinement

They are very young, and at 25 apiece, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are expecting their first child. She has a classical moon-shaped face, with blonde tresses, and as a supermodel has honed that arch-look on catwalks across the world. He, a wildly popular singer with clean, boyish good looks has hands laden with tattoos. They both like shiny black boots. It’s a match, you’ll agree, made in a new Camelot. Gigi’s sister, supermodel Bella, who, says science, has the most perfect female face on the planet, is staying with the couple at present. But that’s beside the point.

Coffee With Her

Coffee, yoga, filmy dance, Kathak, meditation and plentiful hot showers—activities as wholesome as these help actress Sonnalli Seygall (Pyaar Ka Punchnama) beat the blues during these idle times. Follow her health tips, girls, and see where it gets you—toned athletic limbs worthy of an Olympic pole vaulter, all ready for an audition for a Hollywood superhero movie. Doff that hat, though.


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