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  • 02 December, 2019
Like a Perambulator

Two women sitting on laps of men, glad, artificial grins plastered over their faces...you’d be forgiven to think such things are embarrassingly passe in the 21st century. It’s evidently not in Bollywood. And so, the comedy Good Newwz, starring Kiara Advani, Diljit Dosanjh, Akshay and Kareena, will possibly live up to its tagline: ‘the biggest goof-up of the year’. A comedy about IVF, did you say? We shudder in anticipation.

Night Of The Lovelies

Everyone present remembers the occ­asion. In 1985, John Travolta was Holly­wood’s hottest. spinning high after Sat­ur­day Night Fever, Staying Alive and Grease. Princess Di was a dream incarnate. When he asked her for a dance at the White House state ball, she shyly acc­epted. Her spellbinding gown will be heading to auction a second time now, after 1997. Probable price? £350,000. Worth every stitch of it, too.

Reflections From A Height

As Union minister Smriti Irani glided up the escalator with Micro­soft co-founder and one of the world’s biggest philanthropists, Bill Gates, she must have ruminated on a curious coincidence. “Soch rahe hain padhai puri kari nahi, aage kya karein,” she later tweeted. The occasion was the launch of the Bharatiya Poshan Krishi Kosh, a reposi­-tory of diverse crops with an aim to reduce malnutrition.

Season’s Greetings

She drew in her mighty South African opponent with a feint, collapsed under her weight to give her a false sense of comfort, then, using all her wrestling guile, slew her mercilessly. It took Ritu Phogat three minutes to twist Kim Nam-Hee into helplessness on her debut mixed martial arts bout at One Champion­ship’s Age of Dragons event in Beijing. Look at those triceps...a lot of iron has got into pumping them.

Surely, A Pistol

We can’t tell if dreamy, half-closed eyes equip one for impersonating an ATS officer, but there’s enough here to suggest that weak-willed baddies might be coerced into the dragnet. The instrument of their exquisite torture is Niharica Raizada, who stars alongside Akshay and Katrina in Soo­­rya­vanshi. The film will be “a gam­e­ch­anger”, predicts  Niharica, a grand daughter of O.P. Nayyar. We count on her to flout all the rules of the game.  


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