June 25, 2021


  • Monday
  • 25 November, 2019
Cinema? Later!

Bollywood must be dreading  the Calcutta International Film Festival—a stentorian call from the CM...the unenlightening prospect of a day full of drumbeats. However, there is no respite for Shahrukh (Amitabh fell ill at an opportune  period). Though flanked by filmmaker Goutam Ghosh, Mamata herself and Sourav, the stage-show was stopped by the bonhomie between Rakhee and SRK: singing along a pat­riotic Rabi­ndrasangeet and reminiscing  about the sets of Baazigar.

In Babaji’s Footsteps

Outlook celebrated the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev with a special issue on the various facets of Sikhism. On the  occasion, it was released by Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh in Chandigarh. Sitting in the shade of the sun-soaked garden of his residence in the autumnal afternoon, the CM flipped through articles that dealt with the influences that shaped a faith and a rich culture.

Playing In The ‘V’

The height and build are fine, so is the cricketing gear. The  iconic posture of the ‘Natraj’ shot and the toothy grimace is spot on, too. But, if  this is Tunbridge Wells, and if Ranveer aka Kapil is out playing his 175 n.o. against Zimbabwe, those smudgy pink blobs on the boundary in the background that mystified a whole generation of schoolboys are missing. Ah, but that’s just a quibble—we wish  Kabir Khan’s 83 well. P.S.: Can Ranveer copy Kapil’s bowling act­ion as well? If yes, draft him in!

Put Running Shoes On

There are actors who can miraculously mould themselves, chameleonlike, into characters (Alec Guiness, say, or Daniel Day-Lewis). Then there are those who try hard, and come in many gui­ses to beguile you. Aamir is one of the latter. After the muddy dangal, there he is as a sardar in Laal Singh Chaddha. We hear it’s a rem­ake of Forrest Gump. Are they sure Bollywood hasn’t tried its hand at it already?

Girl Around

The Page 3 pull-outs can’t get enough of her...whether it be in seq­uined dresses, saris or a range of off-shoulder oufits, with a delicious sense of the risque leaving  a perfumed whiff whereever she is. It’s easy to forget that Tara Sutaria is a recent debutante, so sure are her footsteps, so ready her dazzling smile.


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