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  • 28 October, 2019
Look For Sad Eyes

If you’d like to stitch together a Hollywood dream team, it has to have Marty, Bob and Sonny. The BFI London film festival saved its hushed breath for The Irishman—a gangster drama by the man who helped define the genre in Goodfellas and The Departed. Yet, in this autumnal light, Frank (De Niro) and Jimmy (Al Pacino) are just not snarling desperados, six-shooters at the ready. Time is also spent on sombre reflection—old reg­rets, moral reckonings and the one important thing that finally matters: mortality.

Blue Is Her

It took a British royal to get the quotidian, elegant, salwar kameez on our pages. That would be the prudently dre­ssed Kate, Duc­hess of Cam­bridge, on her visit to Paki­stan with the Duke. Designer Maher Khan, we imagine, would have a hand in that exq­uisite embroidery. To people comparing her with the inc­om­­parable Diana on her 1997 visit we say: don’t you recall that elegant, diaphanous white scarf over her head that lent the princess an air of fragility?

Cath Her If You Dare To Dream

A legend, idol to millions, is still only 22. For Simone Biles, being the top medal-getter at the ‘Worlds’ is big, but not enormous. That would be her inimitable impress on the sport its­elf—unequalled perfection and immaculate mastery of the toughest routines. GOAT? Yeah, we’re talking Bradman here. In Tokyo, she’ll seal the deal.

We’ll Take This Skipper

At the stroke of the midnight hour, it seemed the president had been finalised—BCCI grandees exuded an air of certainty. Then, an unexplai­ned hubbub: meetings, huddles, quiet words, frantic phonecalls. At the end of it all, consensus plumped for Sourav Gan­guly. We can’t expl­ain the hype over a 10-month tenure, except that stakes in Indian cricket run deep.

The Apex

She is clearly bedazzled by adoring flashlights, yet her hand signals glad surfeit. That’s how Ananya Panday must feel these days—a fave feeding the Bolly media’s insatiable need for youth. Coming up for Ananya is a remake of Pati Patni Aur Woh, where she’s cast as the ‘other’. That’s a sharp start!

This Too Happened

A 10-year-old Utah student refused to answer her homework question: “The table to the right
shows the weight of three Grade 4 students. How much heavier is Isabel than the lightest student?” Her answer sheet scrawled with “Sorry I won’t right this its rood (sic)” has gone viral.


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