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  • 14 October, 2019
They’re So...Baby

Kendall Jenner, Camila Morr­one, Scooter Braun, Kim Kard­ashian, Joan Smalls...that’s a guestlist straight out of a Craigslist of new-world cel­e­­bdom. Except the model and the real-life showgirl, we hadn’t heard of anyone (had you?). They banded together at the wedding ceremony of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in South Carolina. Don’t it look like they’re on a school trip?

Ooh, But For A Wink

The men (Akshay, Bobby and Riteish) are in designer medieval make-believe costumes; the lad­ies, from left (Pooja, and two Kritis, Sanon and Kharbanda)  are on surer ground, dramatising olde Rajpootana. All this eff­ort, alas, for the drollery they will get up to in Housefull 4. Not content to exist in a fool’s paradise, they will transport themselves, through tired  reincarnation, to 1419! We’d like to edit out the V signs, but couldn’t travel that further back in time.

A Message

When lookalike actresses in like raiments addle your brain (look at picture on top of the page), dear reader, we urge you to concentrate on Vaani Kapoor, as she appears in the plainly titled War. Ten weeks of pil­ates...choppy seas...Bond-ian yacht...we have a lot to recommend, but firmly go against those lacy straps that unfairly distract us.

Stay In Red Velvet

It bucketed down for three days, flooded homes and offices, uprooted trees, stranded people who were later plucked to safety by disaster rescue teams. Yet there was one soul in Patna’s hour of distress who remained dry and high. That would be Aditi Singh, fashion  school student and practised poser in gowns. That smile, thrown askance, is meant to want you all to wet your feet.

The Shoes Too

Why, oh why, did it come to this, a grossly, comically unfair humiliation of a bona fide fashionista? A sadsack tunic of dirty, red-speckled mauve with the most hideous of trains you’ll ever train your eye on. At the Paris Fashion Week, they should ban Giambattista Valli for this outrage. Did Aishwarya, longtime L’Oreal girl, have a choice? She certainly has the right to say no!

From The Far Pavilion

As Rohit scores a zero in a practice match and mulls unhappily his suitability to Tests; as Rishabh Pant cops blame for playing irresponsible shots and has probably added another hour of shadow practice, the irrepressibly cool Mahi aims for a sharp pocket on the smoothest green of all in Ranchi. That, and spins in his red SUV and Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Jeep that chews up the streets and electrifies traffic snarls.

This Too Happened

Dave Edwards from West Cork snagged an 8.5-foot-long tuna, the largest to be caught in Irish waters in 2019. The fish weighed 270 kg and could have fetched up to three million euros in Japan, but Edwards let it go. He was in a catch-and-release operation to gauge tuna population in the Atlantic.


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