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  • 09 September, 2019
Admirer In Red

For all his Bhangra moves, Justin Trudeau had a diplomatically disastrous tour of India, but the boyishly handsome Canadian premier  rem­ains a darling of the masses, especially swooning womenfolk. It was no surprise then that at an informal gaggle of world leaders at the G7 summit, Melania turned to  him for a peck, as the weight of the world kept the scowl fixed on Donald’s face. As a Twitter wag put it: “Find someone who looks at you like  Melania looks at Trudeau.”

The Quivering Net

Look how she leapt, loped, placed, recovered and smashed. At the end of the 21-7, 21-7 blitzkrieg, only one finalist towered over all—India’s P.V. Sindhu, her Jap­anese opponent Noz­omi Oku­hara red­uced to a spare part in the snatch for the World Championship gold. For those who que­s­tioned her ability after those silver and bronze hauls, this is an answer: it was just a matter of time, you miserable dou­bters!

Wig? Nah...

Those faced with the inv­oluntary moulting of  cover on their blessed kopf often face a crisis of identity and of confidence, miserably imagining a ser­ies of ruthless giggles from comely frauleins. Hence the cover-­ups: beard, cap, sharp clothes.... Ayus­h­mann Khurrana lives through the torment in Bala. Bet he’ll come out with a few  grey ones.

Bonesetter’s Waiting Room

Better men helped us spell p-u-l-c-h-r-i-t-u-d-e,  for we were in the presence of the heavenly Ileana D’Cruz—a star in southern cinema starting on a conquest of the North when she disso­lved in the arms of Aussie photographer Andrew Kneebone. Now that reports say they’ve deleted each other’s Instagram accounts, we let out a sigh in hope.

Preserved in Chocolate

Yeah, we know you were in school when chhaiya chhaiya washed over your adolescent senses like a cold shower on a winter’s day. The world has changed around it since, exc­ept the subject of your open-mouthed adoration. Fitness regimes, style choices, new boys...Malaika is agelessly con­­te­mporary. This is her, at a fashion week a few days back. Could have been 1997.

This Too Happened

As Amazonia burns, French president Macron and Brazilian counterpart Bolsonaro drift into a personal bushfire. On a Facebook post comparing Macron’s wife, Brigitte, 66, with Mrs Bolsonaro, Michelle, 37, the Brazilian premier wrote: ‘Do not humiliate (him), ha ha.’ Macron called it extraordinarily rude.


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