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  • 02 September, 2019
Time For A Monologue

Our nationalist cine workers associations have passed a diktat—anyone who dares to perform in Pakistan will be ostr­acised henceforth. Poor Mika Singh peddled his fare at a Pakistani wedding and was, consequently, banned from performing in India. Our steadfast protectors didn’t stop at this—Mika is in Salman’s entourage for a US tour, so they have theatened the superstar with a shut-out too if.... Appeal to our dearest Bhai: flex those muscles, do, and call these cowards out.

I’m A Good Man

With reddish, leering eyes and that vic­ious snarl that further elongated his face, Gulshan Grover ham­med his way through film after film, cutting a villainous path of rapine and pawing, terrifying a generation of screen heroines. He, too, needs to tell his story, and caught up with Rishi Kapoor in New York with copies of Bad Man, his auto­biography. A “sincere and a hardworking actor”, nodded Rishi. And so it goes.

Sunshine Girl

The pastel-coloured bikini, the sun pouring mildly on the glassily uns­poilt beach, the sheer prelapsarian happiness oozing out of a radiant Anushka could have made this a ’60s holiday snap. This is, of course, Antigua, and she is accompanying her cricketer husband and his team in the Caribbean. Some day, we will join her there. 

Don’t Get Lost

Now then, we know Bollywood fans are overly partial to the biggest stars, but surely they can enc­ourage a new actor even if he comes perilously close to a tit­an’s imperishable aura. Kartik Aaryan relea­sed this poster of Bhool Bhu­­l­ai­yaa 2, where he rep­rised Akshay’s role. Akki’s fans took to Twitter and savaged the boy. Bollywood is a capacious place, folks. There is space for everyone.

Just Call It Sleep

After God, Sex and Truth, news that Ram Gopal Varma offered someone an erotic film is unl­ikely to raise a dust storm of ind­i­gnation. Sherlyn Chopra, model and former Playmate, claims her innocent entreaty for a role elici­ted one with “only bed scenes”. Ever the ‘serious’ actress, Sherlyn was aghast. But she has taken matters in her hands...she has her own production house now.

This Too Happened

Residents of Henrico County in the US’s Virginia were left dumbfounded when 50 homes found TV sets on their porch one morning in mid-August. It got bizarre when footage from residents’ doorbell cameras showed that it was the same person who put them there, and that he had a set on his head while doing it!


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