OUTLOOK Monday 12 August, 2019
Seasonal Variations

And the Indian bridal fashion par­ade continues: a sumptuous reh­ashing of the same designs with new nomenclature. This  latest, gorgeous line by an old master at the game, Tarun Tahiliani, goes by the name of ‘Bloom’­—a richly det­ailed whirligig meant to represent a “synthesis of cultures and values” meant for “young spirited” brides. That’s some change, so take note—if you’re sprightly enough, you deserve this.

Taking Panga

The great game of kabbadi has had a rena­iss­ance of popularity on TV as Pro Kabbadi, but still needs the clutches of cricket for a promotional push. As Virat celebrated a make-believe point in the Mumbai leg, he harped on how a mix of strength and athleticism made a kabbadi player. His choice from amidst his team? Dhoni, Jadeja, Umesh, Pant, Bum­rah, Rahul. No, not himself.

A Songbird

We recognised Shirley Setia, the YouTube singing star, at our OSM Awards a couple of years back. Now, distantly on our heels, Bollywood has woken to the possibilities of the ‘pyjama popstar’. The fragrantly fresh New Zealander will now act in Nikamma (an uninspiring name) opposite Abhimanyu Dassani, also a newcomer, the son of Bhagyashree. We only demand an echo of Maine Pyar Kiya.

Well Shot, Sir

The monsoon probably ushers in the awards season in India, when stars grab stauettes by the arm­ful. At the end of an exh­austing season of parties and tired jokes from the podium where they are forced to laugh, everyone is content. At one such early example, a relaxed Vicky Kaushal won for his turn in Uri: The Surgical Strike. Tapsee Pannu, meanwhile, leans forward to catch a witticism.

Behind Kangana’s Diamond

For decades, Bollywood has been copying Hollywood/Western pop and art in a most rude fashion (eg, four floppy-haired boys belting out a swinging number  in a movie from the ’60s). Such blatancy is banished with the advent of the search eng­ine—now, a poster of Judgemental Hai Kya can safely lift from the work of Hungarian photographer-artist Flora Borsi. Aren’t we proud of our creative guys?

Pardon Us

Will Esha Gupta have a weaker case with glamour snaps like this, now that she is dragged to court by a businessman who she alleged was “raping her with his eyes”? We adv­ocate a firm hand with all compulsive starers, but the poor fellow was possibly just starstruck after a day’s counting. That, and a lively imagination!

This Too Happened

Researchers working on black holes are now beginning to doubt both Einstein’s theory of general relativity and Newton’s law of gravitation after their research into the phenomenon saying that while Newton had been debunked, Einstein’s “theories (are) starting to fray around the edges”.

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  • Couldn’t she have had a better hairstyle than one which makes her hair stand up in ungainly tufts, like that of a bird soaked to its skin in the Mumbai monsoon? Couldn’t he have worn a jacket without those offensive stripes, often an indicator of a perfect marriage of bad taste with sudden money? But Rahika is soaring after the success of Andhadhun; Ali Fazal, too, is gearing up for his role in a Hollywood production of Death on the Nile, the Poirot mystery. They smiled reassuringly at the ‘IIFA Rocks’ event; they had a lot of fun.  
  • Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla started designing trousseaus fit for a princess for the catwalk when designers weren’t famous in their own right. Thi­rty-three years on, they are well-known now, and celebrated with a show in Mumbai, They dressed up the reliably gorgeous Deepika in this intricately woven, ivory-embellished lehenga. At the end of the walk, she broke into a jig. For joy, certainly. But, given an inch, Bollywood will out!
  • With every conceivable sporting activity speedily shuffled up into a corporatised league for maximum milking, it’s unsurprising that the annual boat race on the Punnamada lake inaugurated the Cha­mpions Boat League. Sachin, outrigged by Kathakali dancers, spoke of Kerala’s resilience in the face of floods and its passion for cricket.
  • For all his Bhangra moves, Justin Trudeau had a diplomatically disastrous tour of India, but the boyishly handsome Canadian premier  rem­ains a darling of the masses, especially swooning womenfolk. It was no surprise then that at an informal gaggle of world leaders at the G7 summit, Melania turned to  him for a peck, as the weight of the world kept the scowl fixed on Donald’s face. As a Twitter wag put it: “Find someone who looks at you like  Melania looks at Trudeau.”


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