February 24, 2020


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  • 05 August, 2019
Superheroes Unite As One

There’s debate if the seasonal Hollywood blockbuster—that sac­­­red tradition—has run out of ideas: an endless parade of fra­nchises with ass­ured collection from new audiences as well as millennials living their childhood once more. Be that as it may, Aven­gers: Endgame is now the biggest movie of all time, grossing over $2 billion and pulling clear of Avatar. Disney needs a new cash chest!

Solemn Cred Appeal

Though the eye of the #MeToo tornado rested firmly on Holly­wood, the bad weather saw it wash ashore Bollywood too. Among those accused of grave charges was director Luv Ranjan. As news of Deepika visiting the selfsame Luv—therefore judged as keen to be in his next film—broke, fans on social media raised a unanimous cry of caution: ‘don’t work with an abuser’; ‘don’t do this’. Will Dee­pika shrug it off with this smile?

Flowers In Hair?

Checks rock still—a foundation of style, but the ’70s were when  they swaggered the loudest: colour, cut and wide adoption marked a decade as definiti­vely as auburn light seeping through long hair. In a retro photo­shoot, Sacred Games 2 stars Saif, Nawazuddin and Kalki Koechlin revive the vibes (oh yes, the wooden panels). Kalki, a carrier of styles, looks smashing. Nawaz’s Van Gogh-themed suit’s the ugliest. Go change it!

When The Sultan Stepped Back

The king gave up his throne to marry his beautiful princess of humble ori­gin, and a son is born to them. The fairytale came to an end after that. Sultan Muhammad V divorced his Russian model bride Rihana soon after, and his lawyer has raised paternity issues relating to the infant. Amidst this, a note of dignity: Rihana’s tearfully cutesy posts from Moscow.

Emma’s Step

If India has an answer to Avengers, it would be S.S. Rajamouli’s Baahubali. Now, the director is planning another gargantuan exercise in lavishness—RRR, an anti-British saga set in the ’20s. Alia, Ajay Devgn and Jr NTR are roped in. The other catch is Emma Roberts, she with the good genes, longingly adored by the sun.

This Too Happened

Britain’s Tory party members have voted at last and elected Boris Johnson—criticised as a bumbling, blustery and ruthlessly amoral politician—as the next PM. Johnson’s ex-wife, Marina, is half-Indian and the man has been to India several times. Would it herald a “truly special” (his words) relationship?


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