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  • 22 July, 2019
Bonding, Aaj Kal

She takes after her mother in so many ways: the shape of her  face, that smile, the way her hair  tumbles back. He, as you all can see, is an image of his dad (has he inh­erited that two-generation-old dimple?) Saif and Amrita Singh’s children Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan are holidaying in England. This casual, happy chat over some Earl Grey does confirm what they say—the siblings are inseparable.

Here’s Looking At Her

Kabir Singh, though fiercely damned for supposed ‘mis­ogyny’, must be a pistol of the highest calibre, for the redoubtable products it threatens to overtake in commercial success—Bharat and URI: The Surgical Strike—are bearers of the national zeigeist. In three, weeks, its collection is expected to touch Rs 250 crore! What has it, then? Shahid’s jerky, handsome energy? We suspect it’s Kiara Advani’s effortless classiness and a certain shyly bold look she has in those eyes.

Deserves A Smash-Hit

Indians had an emotional courtride of an Olym­pic silver in badminton through Sindhu’s Rio effort. Someone (along with Saina) who raised the profile of badminton in India, Sindhu—all determinedly pursed lips and steely eyes—certainly deserves a biopic. But who can provide a fair imitation of those springy leaps and staggering lopes? Filmmaker Sonu Sood’s firm choice, for obvious reasons of heredity and interest, is Deepika. Nothing, though, is decided.

A New Over

Even for a player who has the world’s best batsmen flailing for cover, ‘liking’ and friendship happens in the arena of social media! Thus the connect between Jasprit Bumrah and actress Anupama (Premam). Speculators frothed at the mouth, but  Anupama scotched all, astutely playing the ‘friends’ card.

On The Drinks Break

With his (possibly precious) ‘talk’ done at a litfest, Shashi Tharoor settled down to watch the Ind vs Eng match at Edgbaston. Unbeknownst to him, camera-wielding snoops were taking a break, staring at him, snapping him at a selfie-­snapping moment with a lady friend. ‘Who is that’, screamed Twitter.

This, it appears, is Deana Uppal, bus­­ines­s­woman and for­mer Miss India UK. Left—an example of the kind of attitude that made the judges’ work really easy.

This Too Happened

After a hiatus of 33 years, Japan will resume commercial whaling. It exited the International Whaling Commission, which had put a moratorium on the practice, except for research purposes or by indigenous communities. The move helped whale populations recover, but several species are still vulnerable.


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