August 11, 2020


  • Monday
  • 15 July, 2019
Out Of Shape

It’s bad enough to earn millions while having a talent for nothing exc­ept indecently hogging attention; it’s worse to lay claim to a venerable tradition in service to one’s base business ins­tinct. But what do you expect from Kim Kardashian, who had the audacity to name her upcoming shapewear line (to be worn inside) ‘Kimono’. While you condemn her for the usual  self-centredness (as millions did), laud her for knowing something  about a place as further afield as Japan. The  name, thankfully, stands withdrawn.

Like Father...

He had made his singing debut in Couples Retreat and Mani Ratnam’s OK Kanmani; now A.R. Ameen has done what was alw­ays expected of A.R. Rahman’s son: striking out solo with an independent single, Sago, in Tamil. Ameen has also lent his persona for the music video.

Her Path Is Her Own

Wracked by guilt over the plastic trappings of pop­u­lar­ity, the emptiness of fame, the utterly unc­om­for­table mantle of a ‘youth icon’—and with all these self-­admi­ttedly undermining her attention to her faith, Zaira Wasim (Dangal) decided to quit films. Ever­y­one dances to the light; a chosen few can turn it off.

Open Up And Play

The Windies have style, pizzaz, vigour, bursts of brilliance. At Chester le Street against the Lankans, they had a reigning queen of pop rooting for them heart and soul. Sadly, they did not honour Rihanna’s pristine white ensemble with persistence, with the vim needed to dash over the last metre. The kernel of a great team is here. Carlos Braithwaite’s school­friend will sing them to victory when they’re ready.

We Say, Fade To Black

First things first. Once you’ve taken a nice gander at the reclining form on the right, think about the sup­erfluity of the accesory (a housecoat, is it?). What does it do, except act as a distracting backcloth to Priya Ban­erjee, impeding a fruitful contemplation of her role in the series Bek­a­boo, or of the possibility of her reprising this posture in Hume Tumse Pyaar Kitna?

This Too Happened

Kevin Costner admitted this week that the late Princess Diana was to be a part of the sequel to Bodyguard, the money-spinner where he looked after the security of Whitney Houston’s character. Costner said that the studio liked the idea of having Diana “in the same kind of capacity as Whitney”.


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