OUTLOOK Monday 13 May, 2019
Eyes Don’t Lie

It was simply another awards ceremony which gave the rich and glamorous an occasion to parade their bling. But hark, a phalanx of kohl-lined eyes make us stop in our breezy tracks and take stock. Ranged from the left, the begowned ladies are Aditi Rao Hydari, Raveena, Shilpa and Sophie Choudry (who possibly has two phones). How did the selfie come out? An eyeful.

His Bullet Wasn’t In Vain

He bided his time patiently, getting out of India, working the motor assembly lines in Detroit, on a film set in Hollywood, then in England, on the spoor of his prey—Michael O’Dwer, the Punjab Governor in 1919. On the occasion of the centenary of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, Shoojit Sircar is out with a biopic of Udham Singh. Vicky Kaushal looks the part.

To Move A Rock

If you’re 21, and called ‘a former beauty queen’, your ego will not let you be, but goad you to stomp into Bollywood and try to stamp your smile onto millions of gaping retinas. Since Manushi Chhillar looks fetching in yellow, leaning so against a rock, the debutante’s co-star Ranveer Singh (in a Yash Raj film) must rea­lly insist on the insertion of a similar scene.

His Pipe Smokes

What is a sojourn without a few good, langurous trips? Say that to the Japanese authorities, who are most uncooperative when it comes to even a few grains of cannabis. Poor Ness Wadia, tycoon, was caught with some in his pants poc­ket at a Hok­kaido airport, det­ained, and handed a suspended two-year sentence. Fear not, Wadia has run back to India, where such small matters can be managed by people like him.

Halt, Then Halter

The big screen is still high in the pecking order, but you wouldn’t cry yourself to bed if you don’t make it there. Streaming platforms are the younger tig­ers, inviting young actors like Anupriya Goenka to earn their stripes. She  earned space in Tiger Zinda Hai and Padmavaat, but is banking on The Final Call and Criminal Justice to call herself a star.

This Too Happened

It has been 50 years. Ironically, the ‘born wild and free’ spirit of Woodstock is now a prized market commodity. For its 50th anniversary, corporate sponsors are attempting to recreate the magic, albeit with merchandise, in Watkins Glen, NYC, in August. Wait for the spectacle to unfold on social media.

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  • Blink, and you’ll travel back to the glory days of disco, with Cardi B’s multi-­coloured jumpsuit transporting you effortlessly. But, disaster struck at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Man­chester, when this splendid  garment gave way along its nether seams, hurrying poor Cardi  offstage.  The singer arrived minutes later in a bathrobe, the picture of unfl­a­ppability. “We gonna keep it sexy,”  she crooned. That is style.
  • Since the moment we set our eyes on him on that October evening in 2000, that cracklingly clean ‘plock’ of the ball on his bat, with the whistle-fresh swing and follow-­through, marvelled us. It was the same in Yuvraj Singh’s last inter­national inn­ings. Sandwitched within were six miraculous, now-mythical sixes in an over, the no less magical performances in the 2011 World Cup, and a great, big-hearted recovery from illness. You have a great life after retirement, Yuvi.
  • As Liverpool and Tottenham muscled it out in the major kickabout that’s the Champions League final, after Moha­med Salah pumped in a penalty for a 1-0 lead, as bands of Liverpudlians seriously contemplated a conversion to Mo’s creed, she jumped right in. Comfortably sneakered, ash blonde hair aflow, arms raised, her amplitude tucked into an ungenerous swimsuit, she peddled a porn site. Play stopped for a bit, then the spoilsports threw her out.
  • Amidst the mucky filth, smelling of cordite, that is Bengal’s bipartisan politics on the ground, there emerged two flowers empowered to fight the dominant one in Par­li­a­­ment. TMC’s Mimi and Nus­rat, beloved of cameras in this poll season, were sharply dressed as ever on their first day in the House.


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