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  • 22 April, 2019
The Time By His

CSK Watch In this glad season for the Chennai Super Kings, ace atta­cking spinner Imran Tahir has been a sight to behold—his tight-fisted, spread-armed sprint after a wicket popular as ever on and off the field. After another easy win, skipper Dhoni dared Tahir’s son for a race. We don’t know who won, but it dissolved into a softly-softly celebration. Can Uncle Cool do it like Dad? We doubt it.

‘Ghar More Pardesiya’

We suspect Alia Bhatt has that cha­me­leon-­like quality native to some truly great peformers (Alec Guiness being the presiding deity). Take the gaggle of shutters away...Alia, soaked in her character from Kalank, truly looks like she belongs to 1940s Lahore. Those Kathak sessions with Pt Birju Maharaj glitters through.

Inner Peace Prevails

As evening drops like a heavy curtain over the fast-flowing Ganga at Haridwar and the ghats light up with the sweet hubub of evening aarti, it affects first-timers deeply. Hollywood star Will Smith was in India for his show...the experience, he says, has “awakened a new unde­rstanding of myself, my art and the truths of the world.”

Four Shades Of Green

Bucolic neatness like this can only be nurtured by tourism: not a single strand of hay is out of place on the roof, not a single inch of wall is left untouched by the greenest of creepers, not a sliver of cob peeps through the carefully laid marbles. In the centre, framed in the doorway, poses Sarah Jane Dias in a halterneck bikini top, more picturesque fronds adding a lighter green in the background. Instagram is made of this.


They needed a Kiran­moyee for an ada­pt­a­­tion of Saratchandra’s Cha­­r­­itraheen, meant for streaming on Bengali platform Hoichoi. The actress who pouted fiercely, put up her hand and posed in a knotted, sensual crouch was Naina Ganguly, who is unf­azed by the show’s smoky eroticism. Needless to say, it’s a hit!

This Too Happened

In order to ensure everybody is well versed with the new laws in Brunei, the tiny oil-rich country’s ruler Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah said he wanted to see stronger Islamic teachings. Among the harsh new Sharia laws introduced recently is the decree on gay sex, which has been made punishable by stoning.


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