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  • 15 April, 2019
Amidst A Web Of Passes

A midfield sultan meets a ruling badshah on the sidelines of an amphitheatre. That would be Shahrukh’s London meeting with Arse­nal’s central scimitar, Mesut Ozil. After damning the hypocrisy in German mult­i­­cultur­ism, Ozil is in a smoother space. SRK, who is huge in Turkey,  where Ozil’s roots lie, got a (rather formal) welcome in Hindi too.

Around The Horn Of Love To Acapulco

If you’re in the film business, you inevitably end up on a beach holiday in Provence, or Mexico, as in this case, with photos miraculously being posted to exhibit the glorious sunshine. Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar’s romance was not news, but their happy cavorting “set Instagram on fire”. Call the firemen if it gets out of hand, folks!

Walk Along, Young ’Un

The media started plotting his commercial use even before he was born; after that, every little step of his has been served as Page 3 fodder, cur­ated with an eye for a career. That may start soon, for cherubic Taimur will make eyes at the camera in Good News. Mom Kareena will be a co-actor.

To The Vittai Born

Doesn’t he seem to have owned the part already? An ageing patriarch, we ima­gine, with fading powers but swagger intact, a gamchha slung rakishly around his neck, portending a ready offer of offence taken. In acc­epting a role in Uyarntha Manithan (Tamil), Amitabh has done the best thing in years—leave his footmark amidst one of the most fanatical film-lovers in the world.

Watch That Waist, Girl

The glamorous goddesses of old Hollywood, from Marilyn to Liz Taylor, from Rita Hayworth to Ava Gardner, showed themselves off in high-waisted bikini shorts to jaw-dropping effects. But they chipped away at the article inju­d­iciously from the ’70s, favouring the teeny-weeny. Neha Sharma, whose fitness videos are said to be inspiring, exhibits the latent charge in the outfit. Potential as hot as that has to be tapped into. Cameras!

This Too Happened

In what the tech industry is calling a ‘historic coalition’, 900 Google employees signed a letter objecting to the firm’s treatment of temporary workers. The workforce, ‘temporary’  and ‘permanent’, united after the tech giant shortened contracts of 34 employees working on the Google Assistant feature.


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