OUTLOOK Monday 08 April, 2019
Leader In Marigold

The Lok Sabha elections draw near, so does the biopic of the country’s prime minister. Perfectly timed its rele­ase might be, but PM Narendra Modi has  earned the ire of lyricist Javed Akhtar—he was wrongly credited for work in a project he wasn’t involved in. Then there’s scepticism about how good a likeness is a shapely Vivek Oberoi for our most prominent politician. Ah, but just go in for the old-­fashioned songs: Ye desh nahin mitne dunga, sings a pat­riotic Modi in the film.

The Waters Are Warm

Along the Miami coast they swam and sailed, jiving to a Wes­tern-Bollywood playlist—the charmed circle of Priyanka-Nick, his brothers Kevin and Joe and Joe’s fiancee, GoT actress Sophie Turner. And if you think their life’s all frolicsome fun, know this: they work hard to ent­ertain you all.

A Fire-Eater

Laxmi Agarwal’s life has revolved around acid—dec­rying and lobbying for banning the sale of the stuff so that dangerous perverts don’t do to girls what someone did to her when she was only 15. Her ind­omitable courage is eminently filmable, and  Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapak tells her inspiring tale. This is Deepika as Malti, a character based on Laxmi.

Woof! This Bernard Is Not A Saint

A desert, a lounge chair, a floppy bucket hat, thigh-high boots to half-cheat the blazing sun, and a puppy (Mary Jane)that has eyes only for its owner—what more does Miley Cyrus need to broadcast her absolute fealty to canines on ‘National Puppy Day’? Old-fashioned American whimsy, you might sneer, but legions of her fans would bark and wag (their heads) in besotted approval.

Run Smooth

Doesn’t seem like a rural belle, does she? But model-­actrtess Nisha Yogeshwar might be the BJP’s candidate for the Bangalore rural seat if her dad, party leader C.P. Yogeshwara, has his way. An old hand in campaigning, Nisha might just traipse into the list. If elected, Parliament won’t be the same again.

This Too Happened

After announcing that Christina Koch and Anne McClain would form part of the first all-women team to spacewalk on the moon on March 29, NASA cancelled the space gig after not having enough space-suits to fit the women. Out of over 500 people to have been in space, only 11 per cent have been women.

  • That hatchet-faced gen­ius entrepreneur, Jack Ma of Alibaba, had capitalistically exhorted his workers to follow the ‘996’ spirit (9 am to 9 pm, six days a week in office). As if to make up for this vulgar demand that would serve to fill his coffers, Ma propoun­ded the ‘669’ spirit (sex for six days, six times). The poor workers would possibly have hidden their embarrassment in Alibaba’s cave, but others have slammed Ma’s puerile (and ‘lewd’) pitch.
  • What can you say about the peculiar, almost atavistic hold that images of mothers with babies have on us? Things have not changed from ancient iconography—espe­cially when the subjects are as photogenic as Izhaan—wide-eyed and adorably trusting—and Sania, bursting with motherly pride, her Mona Lisa smile topping it all.
  • It was simply another awards ceremony which gave the rich and glamorous an occasion to parade their bling. But hark, a phalanx of kohl-lined eyes make us stop in our breezy tracks and take stock. Ranged from the left, the begowned ladies are Aditi Rao Hydari, Raveena, Shilpa and Sophie Choudry (who possibly has two phones). How did the selfie come out? An eyeful.
  • There’s no reason, we agree, to gaze again at the lovely faces of Ananya and Tara at another promo for Student of the Year 2. But this one is for that lithe, mean, dancing-fighting machine, Tiger Shroff. The man who can kick aside the whole lot of simpering actors is set to reprise his role (“a larger-than-life, shirtless hero”) in the next instalment of Baaghi.


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