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  • 01 April, 2019
Confused Modernist Twists

A fashion show dedicated to the glorious ‘modern’ possibilities of the saree seemed in danger of design hyperbole, had it not been for the stupendously stunning results obtained when Adidti Rao Hydari and Diana Penty wrapped their nine yards.

The rest were a cross between wannabe gowns and strenous echoes of ancient India, one example being this monstrosity in white (above).

Keep Saajan In Your Heart

Except for the droopy eyes, everything in the person of the grizzled Sanjay Dutt has put on age since he loped so memorably in Khalnayak and Thanedaar. His co-actor in those, Madhuri Dixit, seems untouched by Father Time, as ever. The pair makes another sally together in Kalank. Root for them.

Touched By Euterpe

For some inscrutable reason, child prodigies seem to gravitate tow­ards music. From Mozart to Menuhin, the list is long. One hopes to add Lydian Nadhaswaram, 13, to it—the boy pianist, who trains at A.R. Rahman’s conservatory, aced US show The World’s Best, grabbing a cool million bucks. Hope ARR drives him hard to his destiny.

In The Smithy Of His Blade

Virat Kohli has misgivings about T20’s bad habits creeping into one-day batsmanship. For Steve Smith, who got a royal welcome as skipper in Jaipur ahead of the IPL, it would be the only match practice he (and David Warner) would get ahead of the World Cup. The ban is done; let the bat speak.

More Frills In Sandalwood

Was the Kannada movie industry in mourning when Nidhi Subbaiah moved northwest to Bol­lywood to ply her moves in Oh My God and Ajab Gazabb Love? A siren call must have answered ano­­­ther—Nidhi is safely back in Bangalore.

This Too Happened

Something strange happened at the Benito Villamarin Stadium in Seville, which Spanish side Real Betis call home. The entire stadium united as one to cheer a Barcelona player, something which surprised  legend Lionel Messi, who scored his 45th hattrick for the Blaugrana and his 51st overall.


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