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  • 25 March, 2019
Waiting For Confetti Nights

Swatted aside by rivals Barca in two El Classicos, and kicked out from the Champions League by Ajax, a whimpering Real Madrid—their rhythm hitting  serious notes of  the blues, had to sack manager Santiago Soleri. Enter Zinedine Zidane, the magic man who delivered nine trophies  before resigning last May. Can Zizou do it without Ronaldo? Let’s see.

Dowry In Diamonds

The past year will be marked in the ann­als of Bollywood as the year of the big-ticket wedding. The biggest of them arr­ived just now—filmy not in genesis, but in spirit.  As TV channels bre­a­thlessly shopped for celebrities at Akash  Ambani’s wedding with Shloka (her dad’s a diamantaire), we take note of the  grand event with a soberly happy snap: the newlyweds at a ritual, encouraged by Akash’s  (rec­ently married) sister Isha.

Beats From The South

There are the various film ind­ustry awards which, to remain relevant, dole out statuettes by the armful. Then, a step up, the national film awards—conferrer of recognition to the best films. But film/music personalities get the highest national nod for a lifetime’s work at the Padma awards. Some of this year’s winners: Prabhudeva, the great Mohanlal, percussionist Siva­mani and musician Shankar Maha­devan. Mohanlal was the recipient of the Padma Bhushan, the rest got the Padma Shri.

Selfie’s People

Since baseball great Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) was dating Jennifer Lopez anyway, a news of their engagement cannot, by that reason alone, guarantee our unqualified excitement. Seems the lovebirds were in Bah­amas, where the natural surroundings (sun, sand, know it), working on JLo’s ample charms, wrenched  the ‘big question’ out of Alex. She, of course, said yes. Ana­lysis: all happy stories are the same; the rest are fodder for art.

To All Bilge

Swastika Mukherjee: one of Tollywood’s genuinely talented actresses, whose emotionally charged, stripped-down-to-essentials performances are but a foil to her unadulterated, heat-radiating glamour. In response to a recent, ghastly attempt to body-­­shame her (read it on the net, if you will), Swastika pulverised the off­enders, then took note of her changing body with
pride. Bravo!

This Too Hhappened

Seungri, the K-Pop star called the ‘Great Gatsby’ by the South Korean media, has been charged with procuring prostitutes for businessmen in Seoul’s high-profile nightclubs. The 28-year-old, in the midst of a scandal that has shaken up the country, has said he will retire to contest the charges.


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