OUTLOOK Monday 18 March, 2019
Whisper: 62 or 26?

Right. Another line-up of pretty youngsters photographed against another (fancy) brick-wall. The cast of Malang has Kunal Kemmu, Aditya Roy Kapur and the delectable Disha Patani. But who’s the third man here...the young spark grinning away like an ingenue at his first photoshoot? None other than Anil Kapoor, our ’80s Lakhan who lost many kilos, added oodles of mojo and now runs with the hares. Salut!

’90s Retro As Now

If anyone can pass off teeth judderingly corny ’80s-’90s fashion as new style and draw a hesitantly nostalgic smile, it’s Shilpa. Look at this weirdly tessellated concoction with a whiff of a saree that ruled runways, and Bollywood, 30 years back. Ah, but don’t let us catch you greet something that you once deplored with a dreamy smile. Never put your guard down.

Didn’t Feel The Tightrope

It’s unbelievable, the degree of chance some young actresses are willing to take to turn heads at marquee red carpets (safety pins, meat chunks...). Take supermodel Kendall Jenner. As a standard she has JLo’s green gown in mind...but takes the vertiginous slit from her waist to a deeper plunge. Kendall walked just so nobody could pry. They say turning risky into risque inv­olves panache. They’re probably right.

Take-off Assistant: Agni

Gosh! We thought these two are getting married as a runaway couple! But no, Ranbir and Alia are merely ‘launching’ their film Brahmastra at the Kumbh Mela. A further gimmick: 150 drones spelt out the name on the night sky. Shouldn’t sadhus protest?

‘Bold Indian Bride’

Imagine fighting breast cancer, then a full recovery after dispiriting chemo sessions and lumpectomy. Imagine, now, the foe surfacing in your liver and backbone. Another spirited fight, another defeat for the Emperor. Such is the pluck of Indian-origin Malaysian Vaishnavi Poovanedran. Does spirit enhance beauty? Ask that on her Instagram account.

This Too Happened

Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp blamed the wind again as the side dropped points against local rivals Everton in the Merseyside derby. “The wind came from different directions, the ball was in the air a lot,” Klopp said, as fans pointed out he’d blamed the same invisible enemy after a defeat to the Wolves in January.

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  • Though the Russians presented a united front of splendrous symmetry, winning golds in synchronised swimming at the FINA world championships at Gwangju, S. Korea, we only have eyes for the Italians, caught here in the glistening throes of a cascading collapse, arms linked and eyes cocked. Olgas and Tatianas hit the podium; Giulias and Francescas smacked us hard in the solar plexus.
  • She takes after her mother in so many ways: the shape of her  face, that smile, the way her hair  tumbles back. He, as you all can see, is an image of his dad (has he inh­erited that two-generation-old dimple?) Saif and Amrita Singh’s children Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan are holidaying in England. This casual, happy chat over some Earl Grey does confirm what they say—the siblings are inseparable.
  • It’s bad enough to earn millions while having a talent for nothing exc­ept indecently hogging attention; it’s worse to lay claim to a venerable tradition in service to one’s base business ins­tinct. But what do you expect from Kim Kardashian, who had the audacity to name her upcoming shapewear line (to be worn inside) ‘Kimono’. While you condemn her for the usual  self-centredness (as millions did), laud her for knowing something  about a place as further afield as Japan. The  name, thankfully, stands withdrawn.
  • Though the Trinamool cut a sorry figure, then took its rev­erses badly, our favourite MPs from Bengal—close pals  and actresses Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan, were unt­ouched by the sour petulance. Fresh from Nusrat’s wedding in Turkey, and so absent when other MPs took their oaths in Parliament, the duo did the needful later, not forgetting to use ‘Jai Bangla’. Didi is happy; can’t say we aren’t, too!


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