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  • 18 February, 2019
A Decade, Already

Anil Kapoor almost did the Ram Lakhan tapori jig when Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscars—but a lashing from dear wife the night before held back his legs. What stopped him from doing one at the #Slum-dogTenYears event, we don’t know. Perhaps the sobering presence of Gulzar saab and Rahman. Anyway, Jai Ho!

Grandest Slam

Congrats to Rafael Nadal and Maria Perello for planning to tie the knot. We can’t wait to see what the bride will wear, but for now, the bikini suits us/her fine. We can hear the DJ too: Rafa Rafa dekho aankh meri ladi hai.

Patil One, Patil Two

To play the Patil, cast a Patil. Better get the son who has inherited the hero’s looks when he was a strapping all-rounder, swooning girls from Bombay to Bareilly. Watch Chirag as father Sandeep in ’83 (when it opens).

Look And Like

Kohli took the brunette (sob) and we found a blonde body-double. Well? Okay, Julia Michaels shares Anushka bhabi’s looks but Ramu should hold his horses. Psst, she is an American Grammy-nominated singer. And we don’t mean she is single when we say she released her single, Anxiety.

Ramp Amp

Purple lace-ups, calf straps, long pins, a little white dress—even Misfit Panda couldn’t make Sindhu unsexy when the badminton ace let her locks down. Talking about tresses, Dangal girl Sanya’s curls are something Romeo would die to curl up with and feel proud. Well, what we mean is who won’t appreciate a gym dress made of upcycled fabric from plastic bottles!

This Too happened

A series of erotic novels from the 18th century, titled the Merryland Books, will be able to a wider audience, courtesy the British Library which has digitised them. Written by different authors under the pseudonym Robert Pheuquewell, the books were locked away for more than a century in a box.


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