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  • 11 February, 2019
Signing Example

Healed is a word we want to hear from anyone with cancer. And Manisha Koirala, 48, has healed. And Healed is what she wrote. She sealed, and signed, it with her melt-the-mountain smile at the JLF.

Thumka Gira Re...

When Twinkle Toes Alia and Happy Feet Ranbir meet King Khan on stage, thumkas are expected to fly. Let the cobalt green anarkali (paired with chandelier earrings, coy smiles and jibber-jabber stolen on the side) swirl for Prince Charming in a blue suit. The Mumbai cops can’t be happier, their Umang is high. But where is pest control? The photobomb squad, to be precise.

Osaka Blossoms

Well, there’s a fistful of firsts for this atta girl with a killer tan that perhaps is an inherited pigment from her American father of Haitian ancestry. Naomi Osaka, the first from Japan, and Asia, to rank No. 1 in women’s tennis, is the youngest to climb that global totem pole at 21.

The Pati

There are times when Pheras take precedence over Pradarshans. And when your tribe prefixes the Pati, you need to be one. Well, congra­tulations to childhood bumchum Kinjal Parikh for making an honest man out of Hardik Patel, the young and fiery Patidar cause celebre. Would we overstep the brief if we conjecture a happy house arrest now? Nah, in good jest!

Monkey on Her Back

Call a man an ape and you get gorilla droppings all over social multiverse, the one where the likes of actor Esha Gupta road-test their body-sculpting lycra. A Nigerian in Arsenal is not a gorilla. And what you shoot on Twitter remains among the tweeple. Silly me! Stupid me! Sorry! Gawd, that’s playbook: apologise and promise not to repeat.

This Too Happened

A rare durian fruit has irked Indonesians to no end. They have taken to social media over its absurdity. The fruit costs about US$ 1,000 each, thrice the average monthly wage of an Indonesian. They  aren’t too pleased with the price on the pungent product, a delicacy across Southeast Asia.


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