OUTLOOK Monday 17 September, 2018
‘Don’t Worry, Kerala’

Rehabilitation after the dreadful floods is ano­ther matter, but there was no dearth of notable people making full-throated appeals for funds for Kerala. On tour in the US, A.R. Rahman act­ually dipped into his pockets, and came up with Rs 1 crore. And they cheered for him in Washington when he showed it.   

Speaking Her Heart

At times, actors are over­­whelmed by their just-can­ned film, and their character within it. Taapsee Pannu, who is on a fairly good run, is enveloped  in the world of Anurag Kas­hyap’s Man­ma­­zriyaan and the difficult, gar­­­­ru­­lously adorable Rumi. See it to share her enthusiasm.

Low Tide Waves

Whatever Kareena Kapoor does, immaculately staged and posed as they are, a band of professional  coo-ers faint in exasperated admiration. On a Maldives holiday, she wears a robe over a  pink bikini, clutching Saif’s hand, eyes fixed on the shutter, fingers on Ins­tagram. “Fashion icon”! Really?

They Are Hosting The Boss

Check out those girls first, left to right. The floral printed dress with the cheery headband, the one in the garb of an Arab belly dancer (but looking too happy to be seductive), and the ubiquitous Punjabi lass who swings, then swings some more. Do they dance the same step? We wouldn’t  know, but in the foreground is bhaijaan Salman, wearing one of those singlets he so lovingly endorses, pitching for Bigg Boss 12 at Nerul, Goa. Top quote: “People used to ask me when I’m getting married.... I think I will marry Bigg Boss.” Now, that’s blazingly witty!

The Centre Line Holds

Top arthouse fairs depend on starlets for eyeballs and powdered glamour, as Bela Tarrs and Ceylans get dissected in the background by  the gimlet-eyed jury. There appeared on the Venice Film Festival’s red carpet a vision in a metallic silk gown and an emerald necklace to  make the queen of Sheba turn green. She’s Bruna, current girlfriend of Neymar and she appeared thus at the premiere of The Sisters Brothers.

This Too Happened

The French public prosecutor has opened a preliminary investigation against French actor Gerard Depardieu after a 22-year-old woman accused him of rape and sexual assault in an incident which purportedly took place in August. Depardieu has denied the allegations through his lawyer.

  • If there was a couple encased in classiness at the Laureus Sports Awards in Monaco, France, it was wrestler Vinesh Phogat (up for the World Come­back Award, along with Tiger Woods and others) and husband Somvir Rat­­hee. Winner of the Sport for Good gong? Jharkhand-based NGO Yuwa.
  • Whether the world premiere of Gully Boy at the Berlin Film Festival reiterates Bollywood’s hold more than it indicates the Berlinale’s decline is another matter, but the irrepressible Ranveer was in character as his goofy rapper: shockingly meretricious tuxedo, blown-up hair, machine-gunning away to everyone’s delight. Beside him Alia was a soothing balancing act, her silkily trailing train a rival to that of a British princess on her wedding day.
  • Anil Kapoor almost did the Ram Lakhan tapori jig when Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscars—but a lashing from dear wife the night before held back his legs. What stopped him from doing one at the #Slum-dogTenYears event, we don’t know. Perhaps the sobering presence of Gulzar saab and Rahman. Anyway, Jai Ho!
  • Healed is a word we want to hear from anyone with cancer. And Manisha Koirala, 48, has healed. And Healed is what she wrote. She sealed, and signed, it with her melt-the-mountain smile at the JLF.


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