OUTLOOK Monday 03 September, 2018
Don’t Dare To Stare

Bollywood stars are common items at the annual India Day par­ade in New York, but genius West Indian batsmen aren’t. Kamalahaasan and co-act­r­ess Pooja Kumar were noted, but the man who brought things to a tricoloured boil was the original master-blaster, the inimitable Sir Viv.

Request For An Encore

After a journey to the dark heart of an illness and back, a birthday seems mir­a­culous. Manisha Koirala, just 48, loo­ked close to her hottest when friends like Shahrukh, Rekha and Manish Malhotra trooped in to celebrate. The birthday, of course, almost coincided with the 20th anniversary of the rele­ase of Dil Se—another cause for cheers.

Love Makes The Years Go Round

A terrible statistic (he was a boy of eight when she won the Miss World) is being bandied around by the jealous (mostly men) to make this a case of cradle-snatching. But Priyanka and Nick are in love, and just had their engagement in Mumbai, complete with a three-tier gold (24 carat) and floral cake. Well done toy boy!

On The Other Half

The sticky fingers of hyp­­o­crisy has touched the ‘Me Too’ movement: actor Asia Argento, a vociferous screamer against abuse, is herself an abuser, and paid hush money for a quietus. The victim, actor Jimmy Benn­ett was 17 when allegedly ass­aulted by Argento, then 37. Stran­gely, they seem to be fond of each other here. Asia’s ‘me too’ friends are disappoi­nted

Doesn’t Go With Chawal

Shaved and tattooed on one side of the head—so what’s the big deal, if you’ve seen photos of punk rockstars and cool brethren on the streets? Amyra Dastur says actress Rooney Mara has been an influence behind this look for Rajma Chawal. We believe her, but it’s been there for long.

Her Lucky Stars

The journey from Cooch­behar town to being a Mum­bai Telly star, and now pro­moted to being a Bolly starlet, must be a heady feeling. But Mouni Roy had more coming her way—acting opposite Big B in Bra­hma­stra, an experience she duly takes note of by gushing   uncontrollably. In her Bulgaria shoot for the film, she also had brushes with Nagarjuna, Alia Bhatt and Dimple Kapadia.

This Too Happened

The oldest and thickest ice in the Arctic has started to break up and reveal waters to the north of Greenland which have stayed solid. The ice, which has not known to break even in summer, has already broken up twice this year in an event which has scientists worried about the impact of climate change.

  • Italy, all of a sudden, has overtaken Provence, Switzerland and grand European chateaus as the destination for celebrity Indian weddings. Preparations were afoot at the Villa del Balbianello on the impossibly picturesque Lake Como for the nuptials of Deepika and Ranveer, a duo who looks no less handsome than the fancy environs of their grand day on November 14 and 15. We hope Como lives up to their dreams.
  • Shillong-based Big-Ri (left) is a sharp card, a founder of hip-hop group Khasi Bloodz. Meba Ofilia’s style—note the robust armbands—is also steeped in hip-hop and R&B. The music they make together, like the edgily rusty Ambassador they choose as a prop, takes you unawares. The duo won the Best India Act for Done Talking at the 2018 Europe Music Awards, held in Barakaldo, Spain.
  • It’s curious that Sachin should be made ambassador for UNICEF’s ‘hand washing initiative’ and packed off to roofy Bhutan. But, ever the sportsman, he’s taken it in a batsman’s stride. The beneficiary is Bhutan’s national cricket team, and this lanky, teenaged batter.
  • Haute, they have always bel­ie­ved, is a seven-hued thing, and the cause of the LGBTQ has alw­ays been dear to the fashion fraternity. A parliament of forty designers conjured up the ‘Rain­bow’ show to celebrate the rec­ent junking of Article 377. Red mascara and blue-glittered coi­­ffure caught the eye; so did a message of love across a bare back.


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