February 21, 2020


  • Monday
  • 13 August, 2018
All That Glitters...

Fresh from gowning Beyonce, Falguni and Shane Peacock sprinkled the stuff they are made of at the India Couture Week—glitter, sparkle, dazzle, powdered gold dust. Personifying the coruscation was Kareena Kapoor, whose apparel radiated crystallised, rich yellow that stunned the gapers.

Her Hair Like A Cloudy Night

Hollywood devised the zombie as an scarily entertaining riff for the fantasy horror genre. Bollywood has adopted the ‘look’ for sci-fi. Thus, Zero, starring SRK, has a grim Katrina, glamour intact, with just an extra layer of kohl under her eyes.

Only For Box-Office Gold

Akshay is such a sport, you’re thinking; he has just visited the Asian Games-bound India squad (there’s a beaming Dipa Karmakar) to boost their morale. Ah, think again. The man is just doing business, milking our team for his hockey film Gold.

Matter of Hearts

#KikiChallenge, a pea-brained fad that urges teens to jump out of a moving car, sway on the road to Drake’s In My Feelings, then hop back in, has pro­mpted ashen-faced auth­orities to ring the alarum. While it does look cool when a girl in hotpants pulls it off (presenting act­ress Karishma Sharma), the ‘challenge’ has many look like failed lunatics. 

Now He’s Happy Again

Mere achche din kab ayenge...sang Anil Kapoor’s (yes, that’s him, naturalistically grizzled and handsome) taxi driver in Fanney Khan. Social media wags weren’t going to hit this dolly for anyth­ing less than a sixer. Ruthless parodies on the PM’s 2014 poll pro­mise followed. Makers of the film scrambled their lyricist fast, cha­­nging it to Mere achche din ab aaye re. We call it artistic integrity.

Just Doing It Right

When someone as hot as Kiara Advani is a timid girl in an unsatisfactory relationship, it’s but natural that she’d eventually take matters into her own hands. That’s what happens, quite literally, in the most famous scene of the web series Lust Stories. Kiara, who has impressed all with her slow smoulder, gives her fulsome thanks to the director, Karan Johar.

This Too Happened

Malaysia’s head of civil aviation has resigned after an official report pointed out multiple mistakes on the part of air traffic controllers in Vietnam and Malaysia, who delayed sounding an alert for twenty minutes after the MH370 aircraft had gone missing. It still remains untraced.


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